PM makes announcement at Red Splash - he will 'ring the bell' today Tuesday

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April 10, 2012

NASSAU, Bahamas -- Prime Minister Ingraham greeted a huge crowd of NM supporters Monday evening at the FNM Red Splash event, announcing that he will 'ring the bell' Tuesday 10 April, after meeting with his Cabinet.
The PM fired up the crowd of supporters saying "the tide of Red Splash has turned into a massive surge of Colour Red! It is now time to transform the raging tide into a tsunami of support!"
Ingraham remarked on the overwhelming turnout for Red Splash, saying "anybody flying over The Bahamas must think that they are seeing the Red Sea. Don't forget what happened to those Egyptians who tried to pass through the Red Sea in their Gold Rush chariots!"
"We cannot and will not take anything for granted. This will be a hard-fought contest. We will fight over every vote, and work without ceasing. There is no time for complacency," said the PM.
FNM supporters, proudly displaying their "Colour Red" t-shirts and paraphernalia, filled up the new park area and the new beaches at Montagu Foreshore from early in the day, enjoying the festive atmosphere, live music and traditional Bahamian food and drinks. "This is the biggest family fun day in the history of the Bahamas!" Ingraham exclaimed, reporting that the Red Splash events in Abaco and Grand Bahama were strongly supported by a "massive surge of Colour Red."

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News date : 04/10/2012    Category : Bahama Islands Info Stories

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