Bahamian TV Soap Opera Premiers Summer 2012 – The First of Its Kind

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March 22, 2012

Scene from "Gippie's Kingdom"

Bahamian TV Soap Opera Premiers Summer 2012 – The First of Its Kind

Drama. Romance. Suspense. Humor. Action. It’s all here! Marble Head Films and 12:01 Studios want to make history. They want to do something no one else has done in The Bahamas and they want to do it well. That’s where Gippie’s Kingdom, the Bahamian evening TV soap opera comes in.

This 8 part series tells the story of three generations of the Gibson family. Life experiences and social issues, common to all Bahamians, are explored in each episode: "sweethearting" and illegitimate children, juvenile delinquency, crime and justice, domestic violence, Haitian/Bahamian conflict, and most of all, the power of love.

This soap opera takes will take the viewer to the classroom, the bedroom, the living room and the courtroom. We hear the wisdom of the pulpit and the wisdom of the domino table. And right at the centre of it all is a middle age widower who is having the most challenging weeks and months of his life: Everett Harrison Gibson, "Gippie".

Gippie’s Kingdom Official Trailer One



Some of the Cast of Gippie's Kingdom

Gippie’s Kingdom is a lively, drama-filled, funny, moving series, adeptly written and directed by Ian Gregory Strachan, author of the novel, God’s Angry Babies and director of the film Show Me Your Motion. Strachan partners with co-producer and director of photography Travon Patton, writer, producer and director of the Bahamas International Film Festival entries, May 3rd and Redial Sunshine and the creator of the Break movie project. Patton is also the Lead Visual Producer at Fam Entertainment and has produced music videos, television shows, concerts, vlogs, public service ads, documentaries and short films.

The Gippie’s Kingdom series features a cast of over 30 actors and a variety of surprising plots and subplots that will keep Bahamian viewers glued to their seats and chattering for days with friends and family about what happens next. Even the actors who have been brought on board don’t know how the series ends!

Dr. Ian Strachan, Writer and Director; Travon Patton, Co-Producer and Director of Photography

Just this week, the Gippie's Kingdom production company announced that it has inked a deal with the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (ZNS) to launch the first season of this highly anticipated Bahamian drama series Gippie's Kingdom is set to premier in The Bahamas in Summer 2012 on ZNS.

Click HERE to view Gippie's Kingdom Trailer and official website.

Click HERE to view Gippie's Kingdom Facebook Page.

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