Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield remembered

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March 22, 2012

FREEPORT, Bahamas - On the occasion of the Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield's birthday the Grand Bahama FNM Party, Leaders, Stalwarts and Candidates took time to remember their Founding Father along with his wife Lady Naomi Wallace-Whitfield.  During a press conference held at the Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield FNM Headquarters yesterday the group spoke of their memories of Sir Cecil. Senator David Thompson said Sir Cecil was a man with a profound love for God, his family and his country, "In 1967, under the Chairmanship of Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, the Progressive Liberal Party achieved majority rule and he was appointed to the cabinet.  But a courageous Wallace-Whitfield, who truly loved The Bahamas and believed in Bahamians, became disappointed and disillusioned with the PLP and resigned in 1970.  A few months later, Cecil Wallace-Whitfield headed a group seeking to bring real change for Bahamians and formed the Free National Movement. He is the founder of the modern democracy of The Bahamas having established the two party system constitutionally in our country," he said. Former FNM Member of Parliament, Maurice Moore remembered his time with Sir Cecil as The Bahamas transitioned from a one party state to a two party state and said that it was a difficult time.  Moore, along with Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, Dr. Curtis McMillan, James Shepherd, Sir Arthur Foulkes, Warren J. Levarity, Dr. Elwood Donaldson and George Thompson were part of the Dissident Eight that broke away from the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in 1970. Current FNM Candidate for Marco City Norris Bain who is running in Sir Cecil's former seat expressed his comments saying "It is indeed an honour to be given the opportunity as an FNM to stand where Sir Cecil once stood, and if I politically can be half of the man that Sir Cecil was and can give half of the commitment that he gave to the children and to the people of The Bahamas, I know that Marco City will be a better place. I know that Grand Bahama will be a better place. I know that The Bahamas will be a better place." Bain added that he and his fellow candidates intend to work to keep Sir Cecil's dream alive.

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News date : 03/22/2012    Category : Press Releases, Bahama Islands Info Stories

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