Here's to the bootleggers of the Bahamas

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February 28, 2012


Here's to the bootleggers of the Bahamas,

Who sit on rye kegs, resting feet on beer kegs,

Singing 'yes, we want no bananas'.

- bootlegger's toast

Ever heard of the Bahama Queen?

Not a mailboat, but a flesh and blood woman who, for a few years during the "Roaring Twenties", became an international celebrity as a bootlegger in Nassau.

Gertrude Lythgoe was the only woman to hold a wholesale liquor license here - at a time when women were to be seen and not heard.

Her autobiography has just been republished - along with the memoirs of several other rum-runners - by Flat Hammock Press, which says its mission is to is "to salvage many of th ...

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News date : 02/28/2012    Category : Tribune Stories

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