Authentic Bahamian Cooking cookbook to be released in multiple languages

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January 27, 2012


Authentic Bahamian
Cook Book with over 148 pages of original recipes from The Bahamas and
its 700 islands, is now available in 'hard cover' and on 'kindle' but
will be released in Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and German later
in  the year.


Millions of visitors to The Bahamas each year,
enjoy these exotic recipes and you too can now experience The Bahamian
Taste right in your own kitchen with recipes such as: Baked Macaroni and
Cheese, Banana Rum Cake, Banana  Rum Loaf, Bean and Ham Soup, Bean and
Lobster Soup, Bell Pepper stuffed  with Lobster, Benny Cake, Boiled Fish
and Johnny Cake...

News date : 01/27/2012

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