Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic Among Blacks Says New Book

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January 19, 2012

Screen-shot-2012-01-19-at-9.23.gif Brooklyn, New York - Chronic vitamin D deficiency is a silent epidemic that is taking the lives of countless blacks worldwide. Correcting the Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic: Strategies to Fight Diseases and Prolong Life for Black People (ISBN 978-0-912444-49-9), is the first book to comprehensively address the under-examined issue of critical vitamin D deficiency among blacks, a major contributor to the health disparities present in Black communities.    

 The author, Mrs. Emily Allison-Francis, is a nutritionist, librarian, and educator. Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent among dark-skinned people because high concentrations of melanin in dark skin block the production of vitamin D...

News date : 01/19/2012    Category : Health

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