Call For Ban On Porn

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January 06, 2012

THE Bahamas Christian Council is calling for a ban on pornographic movies from Cable Bahamas' channel programming after watching 12 X-rated films from the home of a senior citizen.

The Council was making its recommendations to the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) on the draft Code of Practice for Content Regulation.

Citing their findings from viewing the titles and described explicit content on the woman's basic cable package, the council said: "These pornographic movie titles and descriptions were viewed from the home of a senior citizen who is ignorant about parental controls and who in any event can't operate her set top box."

The findings went on to note that the woman's home was frequented by many minors who are fully able to use the television's remote control to navigate the channels and view the pornographic content.

Insisting that the nation's decency and standards will erode over time due to the showing of such TV shows, the council said URCA should seek to protect children above catering to the perverted preferences of a small minority of adults.

Other recommendations made by the council included a revisit of the down time on television when explicit content may be shown.

"Children are staying up later and getting up earlier, and many of them have radios, televisions, and internet access in their bedrooms. Accordingly, we believe that the watershed period should be between 11pm and 4am."

"This recommended watershed period is not unreasonable; it is the same as the watershed period in Jamaica."

Noting last year's "unprecedented increase in crime, violent crime in particular," the council blamed a "standard of broadcast that has nurtured the Hollywood culture."

The council is also calling for URCA to intervene on all illegal DIRECTV installations.

In a letter from the company, the council said they were informed that DIRECTV is not authorised to operate outside of the US.

"Thanks for writing. I understand that you would like to know if you can have DIRECTV service in Nassau, Bahamas and I appreciate being given the chance to assist," said the letter from DIRECTV. "I'm glad to hear that you are interested in getting DIRECTV service. However, we are prohibited by law from offering service outside the United States. DIRECTV abides by all applicable legal restrictions and does not condone or support violation of law."

Since URCA is charged with a responsibility to regulate the broadcast industry, the council said the authority should have an active interest in this regard.

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News date : 01/06/2012    Category : Business, Tribune Stories

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