2011 General Elections Ends Earl Deveaux ,Louis Bacon & Aga Khan's Reign In Bahamas

Thu, Dec 22nd 2011, 05:51 PM

The return of the Free National Movement to governance in 2007 created what most Bahamians believe to be a world of no laws in paradise for foreign investors with the right kind of money to fund their elections campaigns. Its a world that hedge fund billionare Louis Bacon and the Aga Khan have been revelling in during the past five years of governance.

Louis Bacon bahamasBoth Bacon and the Aga Khan as investors have proven to be able to go above the parameters of law to carry out their own personal endeavors. They and other investors seem to have the impression that the sweep of the hand with a wad full of cash is enough to sway any official from the bottom to the top in government. Sometimes the special concessions they are offered come as supposedly big payback for the said financial support the FNM party received from Louis Bacon and other special interest groups that allegedly helped to bring the party back to power. Bacon and others seemed able to have their way at getting whatever they wanted from the FNM government. Moreover, it is believed that their concessions have been facilitated by the Envionment Minister Earl Deveaux.

It has been reported that it was Earl Deveaux whose job it was to ensure that the big financial supporters such as Louis Bacon, Aga Khan and special interest groups like the Bahamas National Trust and the Lyford Cay Property Owners Association led by Mary Braithwaite had their every wish and fancy be expediciously met.

Earl DeveauxIt is believed that Earl Deveaux and the Free National Movement government received millions of dollars for allowing certain environmental infractions to be carried out for the investors personal projects; and when such projects were brought to the public light and displeasure was voiced, the issues were quited and covered by the Environment Minister Deveaux. This all blantly happened despite the outcry from concerned citizens and friends of the environment in all of the islands that where environmental plunder was taking place.

The Aga Khan recently commissioned his newly-completed million-dollar marina which is smack in the middle of a pristine and protected Exuma Land and Sea National Park. The ecological value of Bell island is lost forever; meanwhile the Baham,as National Trust benefits from a $1 million donation from the Aga Khan. Louis Bacon blatantly dredged and completed his marina without any approval - then received that approval from Earl Deveaux some time later - an event that would have gone under the radar of the Bahamian public had it not been for a few hard-hitting investigative reporters and talk- show host Steve McKinney.

Kamalame Cay in AndrosAnother investor that commited environmental infractions during this FNM term of governance is Brian Hughes. His Kamalame Cay in Andros came under protest from locals when it was discovered that vast areas of a fish nursery for the large barrier reef near the coast had been destroyed.

The Environment Minister Earl Deveaux should have known that at some point in time he and his government would have to answer to the Bahamian people for all of the deeds they have allowed their friends to do in destroying our marine life and environment.

The reality for Earl Deveaux and his FNM government is now that the general elections is nearing which is said to be only a few months away, he knows that he would have to answer to the Bahamian people for all of the damages he as a government official and Cabinet Minister has allowed his rich friends and special interest groups to get away with, despite the fact that he knows that he took a sworn oath to protect the interest ofthe people as Environment Minister.

The political heat for Earl Deveaux began last week, where it was revealed on "Hard Copy" (one of the countrys most popular radio talk show hosted by Steve Mckinney) that 75% of the callers on the talk show called for the Prime Minister not to have Earl Deveeaux run in the up coming 2012 general elections. The topic of Mr. Mckinney's show was "WHO SHOULD PRIME MINISTER INGRAHAM CUT FROM HIS TEAM TO MAKE WAY FOR FRESH BLOOD IN 2012 GENERAL ELECTIONS". Calls from the two hour radio talk show revealed that Earl Deveaux headed the list of several FNM incumbents the Prime Minister should not run in the up-coming general elections; mainly because of Earl Deveaux's performance as a Cabinet Minister, supposedly being caught up in a conflict of interest, mismanagement, and dereliction of his duty as a government minister by blatently approving and supporting the dredgings of the Aga Khan,Louis Bacon and Brian Hughes marinas that have severly damaged our National Sea Park,the marine life and sea beds in our beautiful turquoise waters on the islands of Exuma, Andros and New Providence.

The talk show callers veheminantly expressed their displeasure with Minister Deveaux and said whether the Prime Minister run him or not they, especially the people in Earl Deveaux's constituency of Marathon, will be waiting on him and will definitely be voting him out as the member of parliament for Marathon. Callers claimed they wish not to see the likes of Earl Deveaux ever again as it appears he dances and prances to accomodate the wishes of the rich people like Louis Bacon and Aga Khan who they believe has stuffed the pockets of Deveaux. this is why, it appears, he acts as if he does not need the Bahamian people any more because of the perception that he has got what he wanted during his tenture in politics.

The present rage of the Bahamian populce towards Earl Deveaux and the FNM government in this upcoming general elections clearly shows that the time for Deveaux and his FNM party has come and the day or reckoning is near in the 2012 general elections. And it's all because of Deveaux's rich friends like Louis Bacon and Aga Khan and Mary Braithwaite of the Lyford Cay Property and Home Owners Association, who all forced the hands of Earl Deveaux and the FNM government to meet their every demand operating totally against the wishes of the Bahamian people who are saying 'IT AINT LONG NOW,IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THEY SEND EARL DEVEAUX AND THE FNM GOVERNMENT PACKING". Pretty soon Earl Deveaux the political tyrant will be no more and with the general elections the Bahamian people will ensure that they have returned their beautiful country, marine and wild life free from Earl Deveaux and the Bahamas National Trust,Louis Bacon and the Aga Khan.


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