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November 26, 2011

It's the spot for all things wings, and a few other things thrown in for good measure, which is why Chalmun's Wings n' Tings on Carmichael Road is approaching its first anniversary still in business, while other wing joints that popped up the same time a year ago have shut their doors.

And there's a wing flavor to suit every taste bud -- hot, BBQ, Chalmun's gourmet, garlic Parmesan, teriyaki, da jerk, Bombay curry, dried curry, coconut rum glaze and lemon pepper.

The "tings" side of the menu, for now, consists of the burger (an eight-ounce patty served with mushroom melt and their tomato chutney spread), a grilled chicken (served between baguette buns with a pineapple spread), the crispy chicken and the fish sandwich (snapper filet, served with an herb spread).

In the not too distant future, the "tings" side of the menu is expected to be expanded to offer salads and wraps (shrimp and chicken).  The owners are pondering the idea of offering breakfast, but in the true Chalmun's style, it won't be the traditional tuna and grits.  Breakfast would be totally different says co-owner Charles Kemp, who along with Chairo Munroe and Chef Allan Rolle are the principals that make up Chalmun's Wings n' Tings.  Chalmun is actually a combination of their three names.

The concept of the wing joint came to Kemp during a trip to the United States and a friend took him to a wing place.  The food was so good, he thought the concept could be replicated in The Bahamas.  That was eight to 10 years ago.  He shared the idea with Munroe and Chef Rolle, they bought into the idea and the partnership developed.

They created their own unique sauces.  Kemp created two of the most popular flavors -- their signature sauce known as Chalmun's gourmet and the coconut rum glaze.  The other wing flavors on the menu are Chef Allen's recipes.  The garlic Parmesan and the BBQ are also fan favorites.

"What was so funny was that the week we opened, there were like three to four other wing places opened at the same time," said Kemp.  "It was ironic that after 10 years of waiting to do this, that after doing this, that four [wing places] popped up at the same time," said Kemp.  With a variety of wing flavors, they gave people the opportunity to be adventurous.

After establishing themselves as the wing place, they diversified the menu by adding sandwiches that are all served with special spreads created by Chef Rolle.  Regular mayonnaise and mustard are almost dirty words in this establishment.  And Kemp prides himself on their offering the "best onion rings in town".

Their first location has been well received.  "With anything, you have to convince people that you're good, and let them know that you're here, so the challenge at first was trying to establish ourselves as a brand and let people know what we offer to get people familiar with the taste."  They've done that, and now they're looking to expand.

The original idea behind Chalmun's was to create a dining-in concept, but the Carmichael Road location did not dictate that, so they went with a small dining room and a take-out.  The other Chalmun's Wing n' Tings locations that are expected to be developed, are expected to be more of a sports bar type that actually suits the wings concept better.

Chalmun's Wings n' Tings is a concept the owners are looking to franchise throughout the Caribbean and the United States.  Buying into this concept can be had currently for $25,000.

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News date : 11/26/2011    Category : Food/Cooking, Nassau Guardian Stories

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