Bahamians flock to see herbalist 'Dr Sebi'

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September 26, 2011


Tribune Features Writer

BAHAMIANS flocked to a seminar featuring the controversial herbalist known as "Dr Sebi" to seek cures for a number of health ailments.

The event aimed to educate Bahamians on the benefits of the alkaline diet which consists of non-starch based foods. It also emphasises fresh fruits and vegetables.

The seminar was hosted by New Life Electric Cell Foods at Bahamas Faith Ministries earlier this month.

Jamal Moncur, founder of New Life, said the event turned out to be even more successful than organisers had hoped.

"To say the lecture was well received is an understatement. We had about 1,700 people at the event and there were another ...

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News date : 09/26/2011    Category : Tribune Stories

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