Powerade Athlete Ken Mullings Leaps and Soars to the Olympics

Mon, Jul 8th 2024, 07:24 PM

Ken Mullings, Bahamian decathlete and Powerade endorsee has secured his ticket to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games; further solidifying Powerade as the brand of champions.

Mullings, a first time Olympian is proud and excited to represent The Bahamas and Powerade at the 33rd Summer Olympics. Not only is this his first Olympics, but he is the first Bahamian decathlete represented at the Games as well, a major fete by any scale.

Powerade’s sponsorship with Mullings is a testament to what can happen when hardworking and disciplined people are supported by brands that pour into them, their champion is unveiled.

Mullings shared his experience of becoming an Olympian, some insight into how he is preparing and what spectators can expect from him.

“When I learned I made it, it wasn’t a huge surprise because of where I was ranked but, I was still crazy excited. There are two ways to qualify the first is the auto magic qualifier for your specific event and second is to be in the number quota for that event.” he said.

The Olympics allocated 24 spots for the Decathlon and Mullings is ranked 21 overall in the world for the event, which secured his ticket to Paris. With the Olympic Games on his horizon Mullings shared a little bit into his preparation.

“My training hasn’t changed drastically. I’m just focused on getting sharp, race ready and being prepared for war.” he revealed.

For some, competing at the Olympics may evoke emotions of anxiety, joy or even shock, but for Mullings he has never felt more self-assured.

“My mental state hasn’t really changed. Actually, I’ve been feeling more confident, especially in knowing Powerade takes good care of me.” he expressed.

In addition to providing Mullings with the tools to maximize his energy and hydration through Powerade’s many products. The brand also cares for their athletes with their “Pause is Power” campaign which prioritizes athlete’s mental and physical wellbeing.

As the countdown to the Olympics ticks away, Mullings is beyond excited to finally live out a dream of his.

“I love the adrenaline from putting on the uniform and the announcers calling my name. I always compete to win and everyone can always expect big points from me, only forward never backwards.” he shared.

Tune into the Olympics live broadcasting August 2 to see Ken run, jump and throw in Paris. To learn more about Ken and his journey to the Olympics visit www.cbcbahamas.com.

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