Weller Development Partners Supports The Bahamas Golf Federation Junior Golf Team to Attend International Matches

Mon, Jul 8th 2024, 03:15 PM

Weller Development Partners, a leading developer of innovative luxury living spaces, today announced a $7,000 sponsorship for The Bahamas Golf Federation's (BGF) junior golf team. This contribution will help support the team's participation in the upcoming Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship (CAJGC) and the R&A Junior Open in Scotland.

The Bahamas Golf Federation plans to use these funds to assist with essential equipment for some team members, Weller's sponsorship directly addresses these challenges, ensuring financial constraints don't hinder the team's participation and growth.

Gina Gonzalez-Rolle, Junior Division chair BFG, highlighted the program's success in developing golfers, "Many of our players have been developed from our ongoing school golf programs," and emphasized the importance of financial support, particularly for players facing economic challenges, "some of our players are young men and women from the inner city, and we need to fund their travel, their kit, their accommodations, etc. This support will allow these young athletes to compete on a global stage and pursue their passion for golf."

BGF is gearing up for the first of two upcoming tournaments, with 14 players, 2 coaches, and 1 manager heading to Jamaica. Gonzalez-Rolle expressed her enthusiasm for the new team, "We have a new team we have cultivated over the last four years, some energetic and aggressive young players who are bringing a new excitement to the team. We have also brought on a sports psychologist to help our juniors cope with the pressure of the championships as well as working with them on their strength training and fitness."

Weller Development Partners has a long history of giving back to the communities in which it operates. "We are incredibly passionate about supporting the Bahamas Golf Federation and its exceptional junior golfers," said Marc Weller, Founder & CEO of Weller Development Partners. "Golf is a sport that can teach valuable life lessons, including discipline, focus, and sportsmanship. These are qualities we deeply admire and actively foster within our company culture. Investing in the potential of these young athletes aligns perfectly with our triple bottom-line approach and our commitment to empowering communities and nurturing future leaders."

Two young golfers Aiden Gorospe and Maddison Carlos Carroll will now head to Scotland July 15-17 for the Junior Open Championships biennial event, the pair will represent their country in this biennial championship at the R & A Open. The larger team suspended their trip to Jamaica due to Hurricane Beryl and hopes to now travel on August 5th for the Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship.

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