Fourth man charged in connection with armed robbery of web cafe

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September 09, 2011


Deputy Chief Reporter

A FOURTH suspect was charged in connection with the armed robbery of the Island Luck Web Cafe yesterday.

Kermit Evans, also known as Amos Evans, limped into Court 8 at Bank Lane with his right arm in a cast and sling.

He was charged with eight counts of armed robbery and three counts of intent to endanger the lives of three policemen.

Before the defendant was brought into court, police prosecutor Sergeant Bernard Smith told Magistrate Jeanine Weech Gomez that Evans was not able to climb the staircase.

However, Evans - who wore a wrinkled white T-shirt and black basketball shorts - later shuffled into court.

He complained tha ...

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News date : 09/09/2011    Category : Tribune Stories

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