Companies join Corporate Character Day Bahamas to foster connections while having fun

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September 20, 2022

Nassau, Bahamas – The first Corporate Character Day (CCD) Bahamas program recently kicked off with the participation of a dozen large and medium-size companies and agencies. Nineteen days of character development activities leading up to Character Day Bahamas on October 19, 2022, will spread engagement and excitement throughout The Bahamas.

Already popular in schools for many years, “This year we are spreading our reach for Character Day to include corporate Bahamas,” said Cherrylee Pinder, an HR professional and coordinator for Corporate Character Day.

“We believe that while possessing strong character traits is important for children, it is equally important for adults; particularly adults in the workplace," added Pinder. "When employees exemplify good character, it mitigates against any maladaptive behaviour that we notice in some work environments.”

Sonia Brown who is the president of the PACE Foundation has incorporated Character Day as part of the education program for teen mothers. She imparts, “Every person is a unique person with various strengths. Character matters. Strengths can be learned, cultivated and practiced. Each of us can become the best version our ourselves and encourage others to do the same.”

Companies join Corporate Character Day Bahamas to foster connections while having funCompanies join Corporate Character Day Bahamas to foster connections while having funCompanies join Corporate Character Day Bahamas to foster connections while having funCompanies join Corporate Character Day Bahamas to foster connections while having fun

For the past several years, Character Day Bahamas and Hidden Heroes Award campaign have become popular. Now, thousands of people in the corporate world and in the public service on many islands in the Archipelago will participate. Virtues like Leadership, Kindness and Teamwork were top of the list at a recent lunch and learn workshop. A digital toolkit provided makes the program cohesive and easy to follow. Each of the nineteen days of the campaign focuses on a different virtue with an activity that can be completed by an individual or a group. Day one focuses on creativity, followed by curiosity on day 2.

Virtues and character strengths have been a strong catalyst for human connections with this year’s theme being, “Shining Light Is Everyone’s Business.” Virtues are composed of character strengths. In the instance regarding the virtue of Wisdom, strengths include creativity or curiosity.  For the virtue of Transcendence, strengths include gratitude, humour and spirituality.

According to the VIA  Institute on Character, “There are three strengths in particular that connect us to a sense of meaning. They are Curiosity, Gratitude and Spirituality.

“Curiosity” builds coherence – an awareness of life’s patterns. “Gratitude” develops a sense of the significance of life itself – the people and the experiences – including work, and “Spirituality” connects people to something bigger than them as individuals – to a collective purpose. Additionally, teams who enjoy a sense of meaning at work, are more productive and more likely to be more collaborative.”

To correct some of the downsides of isolation and loneliness of remote work that became popular during the pandemic and reduced productivity, the VIA Institute also suggested that character strengths like Humour and Social Intelligence help to build stronger connections to anyone anywhere.” Furthermore, “The strength of Appreciation of Beauty can lift mood, energy and add a sense of purpose; connecting team members and leaving a feeling of engagement and a strong sense of belonging.”

Joy Russell-Armbrister who is the customer service manager at Bahamas Fast Ferries, a company that has around 100 employees in New Providence, Abaco, Eleuthera and Exuma shares, “I can see the benefit in it (CDB) because it will assist in our training program, and it will transcend to the service that we provide to our customers.”

While D’Asante Small, deputy director of communications, Public Hospitals Authority, reports that their Corporate Character Day program will touch almost 3500 employees across their organizations. “In New Providence and Grand Bahama, we will include the major hospitals – Sandilands Rehabilitation Center, the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Rand Memorial Hospital. Additionally, there are clinics, the EMS, and also our supplies management agencies that can participate.”

The companies that have committed to the Corporate Character Day campaign include the Myers Group (KFC, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts and Anthony’s), Bahamas Credit League (Bahama Islands Credit Union, Bahamas Law Enforcement Credit Union and National Worker’s Credit Union), RBC, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, The Bahamas Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training (Preschool Unit), PHA (Public Hospital Authority), BTC, Bahamas Ferries, BAF, Lyford Cay Club, and EY. 

Roselie Munroe of The Bahamas Law Enforcement Cooperative Credit Union revealed that she is excited to nominate someone in her Credit Union as a Hidden Hero – which is part of the Character Day Bahamas campaign.  “I feel as though there are so many people there who have impacted me with their character - that changed my life,” she said. 

Submission for the Hidden Heroes campaign ends September 30, 2022. If you know someone who goes the extra mile or makes a difference in their community or at work, or you would like to learn more or sign up for Corporate Character Day Bahamas, please visit or email . To learn more about virtues and character strengths, visit Character Day Bahamas is led by the PACE Foundation and is sponsored by the Templeton World Charity Foundation Inc.

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