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August 09, 2022

Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation (BAIC) and Creative Nassau (CN), joint sponsors of the Bahamas Pine Islands Project (BPIP)/Seawords Poetry & Video Contest which promoted the Cascarilla plant and the Silver Top Palm, have announced the lucky winners. The winning contestant for poetry in the 10-15 category is Daly Grace Elizabeth McCartney, and Jamya Symonette took top honours for her poem in the 16-21 group. Two winners were chosen for video in the 16-21 age group—Waynisha Saunders and Jasmine Beneby. Ashton Newbold won in the 10-15 video category. The presentation of the prizes takes place on Friday, 29 July at BAIC Headquarters on Old Trail Road.

The BPIP/SeaWords Poetry & Video Contest was offered in support of the Bahamas Pine Islands Project, a Bahamas Government programme to protect, cultivate, and increase the industrial development of Silver Top Palms and Cascarilla. Launched on April 19, the competition was intended to promote a greater awareness and appreciation for the economic, social, and cultural value of these two local plants—Cascarilla (Croton eleuteria) and the Silver Top Palm (Coccothrinax argentata). Through straw work and cascarilla bark processing respectively, both plants have provided sustainable livelihoods for Bahamians for generations throughout the archipelago.

Judges for the event were Dr Marie Sairsingh, Associate Professor; Dr Dustin Hellberg, Assistant Professor; and Ernestia Fraser, part time lecturer, all three from the School of English Studies at the University of The Bahamas. Also judging were Carla Glinton, BSNIC Administrator, and Michelle Malcolm, noted media personality.

The members of the organizing committee for the event included Taneko Adams, HR, BAIC; Pam Burnside and Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, President and Vice president respectively of CN; Neko Meicholas, executive director, marketing, CN and publisher, Guanima Press Ltd; and Dr Michele Singh, country representative of the Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institute (CARDI).

BPIP activities are managed by BAIC, under its Education and Public Awareness Team. In the development and organization of the contest, BAIC partnered with the NGOs Creative Nassau and Guanima Press Ltd. The latter two organizations conceived of and launched the Seawords Literary Festival in 2018. Primary sponsorship for the Contest is derived from the Global Environmental Fund (GEF) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which provides support to the BPIP.

News date : 08/09/2022    Category : Community/Charity, Press Releases

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