Congratulatory message to the Government and People of Jamaica on the 60th Anniversary of Independence

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August 07, 2022

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Government and People of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, extends warm congratulations to the Government and People of Jamaica on the celebration of sixty years of Independence.

The Bahamas and Jamaica share a very special bond as neighbours, allies and regional partners, with a common history, language, culture and heritage. The Government and People of The Bahamas salute Jamaica for being a country of excellence, most demonstrably highlighted through music and sports, the spirit of which continues to carry them through the ages in victory.

On this Happy 60th Year of Independence, we extend our congratulations and may the Government and People of Jamaica continue to build upon the success of the past sixty (60) years for an even better and brighter future. Happy 60th Anniversary of Independence, Jamaica!

News date : 08/07/2022    Category : Politics, Press Releases

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