Process For Applying For Homes

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August 04, 2022

The Ministry of Transport and Housing wishes to advise members of the public of the process for applying for homes under the Department of Housing (DOH).

In early January 2022, the DOH underwent a transformative re-organization to improve transparency, promote efficiency and enhance customer service delivery.
Two critical components of the re-organization exercise were the design and implementation of a modern, interactive website - and the establishment of a dedicated Customer Service team focused on relationship building.

All applications must be channeled through the website.

In addition to completing the online application at, applicants must provide the following minimum information: 1) Passport, 2) National Insurance Board (NIB) Card - with photo, 3) Voters Card or recent utility bill bearing street address, 4) Job Letter - not older than 30 days from date of application, 5) Recent pay-stubs - full month, 6) Savings Account Statement - not older than 30 days from date of application, 7) Statement of existing loans, credit cards, etc. - showing balance, payment due date, and monthly payment amount, and 8) Pre-qualification letter from preferred Bank or other financial institution.

Self-employed applicants must provide information concerning their business, such as business license and/or incorporation documents (Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Annual Return), Business financials, and Business account statements will be required.
Applicants must upload all the necessary documents and the pre-qualification letter from their preferred financial institution to for processing and approval by the DOH The Ministry of Transport and Housing and the Department of Housing remain committed to expanding the path to homeownership for Bahamians.

August 3, 2022
Ministry of Transport & Housing
Commonwealth of The Bahamas

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