AG: Immigration officers to be deployed throughout country to deal with increase in migrants

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June 24, 2022

Amid an increase in illegal migration, which is "through the roof", the government will deploy immigration officers throughout the country in an attempt to deal with the issue, Attorney General Ryan Pinder said yesterday.

If you would have noticed in the Miami Herald actually a couple of days ago, they said the Cuban migrants coming into South Florida this last year is larger than the Mariel boatlift, the number,” he said in the Senate.

The 1980 Mariel boatlift, was a mass exodus of nearly 125,000 Cubans from Cuba to Florida.

Pinder continued, “I think they’ve had 180,000 something Cubans. So we are seeing illegal migrants, typically you would see them primarily be from Haiti, but we are seeing a significant amount of Cuban migrants coming in now.

“We think that we have to redeploy immigration officers throughout the archipelago to better fight this.

“Our numbers of illegal migrants and seizures and repatriations are through the roof frankly, much higher than we’ve ever seen before. So this is an effort to try and mitigate that activity.”

Pinder was asked why the rent for immigration officers in the budget increased to $800,000.

He said it was to facilitate the housing of officers who will be redeployed throughout the country.

“We look to station immigration officers throughout the archipelago as we see an increase in illegal migrants coming in,” he said.

“We would want to put immigration officers on site.”

Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Dr. Raymond King has said that officials have seen an increase in Haitian and Cuban migrants.

Asked what was driving the increase, King said he believes it could be two things: the RBDF’s success in stopping migrant vessels headed to The Bahamas or the upcoming end of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s title 42 policy, which blocks migrants at the boarder from seeking asylum.

King said the end of the policy, which is expected next month, may be a “pull factor” for migrants.

In April, the US Coast Guard said it caught more than double the number of Haitian migrants at sea in the last six months than it did in its previous reporting period.

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News date : 06/24/2022    Category : Crime, Politics, Nassau Guardian Stories

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