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January 26, 2022

A leading OB/GYN specialist Dr Nina Graham, founder and CEO of Femina, will be hosting a ‘Virtual Pajama Party’ in celebration of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. She will be joined by co-host Hope Shelly-Ann (ZNS) for this live online event which will taking place on Saturday, 29 January from 8pm – 10pm.

The night is set to include a live Q&A, giving guests the opportunity to get ‘up close and personal with the Doc’. There will be prizes for the best PJs, the best background setup, and personal display of the cancer colors (teal & white), a live scavenger hunt, and much more!

‘My main focus is on educating women. I believe that all women (and girls) should have access to the right knowledge about their bodies and the conditions that may affect them at any stage of their lives. Not many people realise that Cervical Cancer is preventable and curable if detected early. No one should have to die from cervical cancer.” said Dr Nina Graham.

Cervical cancer rates have fallen in many countries with the discovery of the pap test which allows for early detection of precancerous cells and the HPV vaccine. “ Given that cervical cancer is preventable, we are seeing far too new cases annually. This tells me that our Bahamian women are not being screened (via pap smear) regularly. Early detection is the key,” explained Dr Nina Graham.

The ‘Virtual Pajama Party’ is FREE and spaces are filling up fast. Find out more about cervical cancer and its prevention by booking a spot today.

TO BOOK: WhatsApp or Text your Full name + email address to: (242) 804-0414 or info@feminabahamas.com, a private zoom link will be sent upon return.

“We’re really excited for this event and are are urging women of all ages to join us! Grab your family, friends, co-workers, and sign up today!” said Dr Nina Graham.

This event is supported by The Bahamas Cervical Cancer Coalition, and sponsored in part by Shell West Bay, Shell Oakes Field, Eye Candy Makeup Store, FlirtyGirl Bahamas, Mother Nature’s Assistance and Femina.

News date : 01/26/2022    Category : Health, Press Releases

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