Colina Donates to Leadership Esteem Ability Discipline (LEAD) Institute

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December 06, 2021

Colina Insurance Limited (Colina) recently donated to the Leadership Esteem Ability Discipline (LEAD) Institute to assist with youth development.

“Colina is committed to making our country a better place and supporting organizations that have a vested interest in the young people of our country,” said Elrod Outten, Branch Manager, Northern Branch, Colina Insurance Limited. “We recognize the work that LEAD is doing in our communities throughout Grand Bahama and wanted to partner in your efforts.”

The donation will be used to support a young person enrolled in the LEAD Institute’s programme in Freeport.

“This new school year cycle, we are working on challenged young people within the educational system in New Providence and Grand Bahama,” said Troy E. Clarke, President and CEO, LEAD Institute.

“One of the Institute’s responsibilities is to provide behavioural modification treatment programs in addition to psychoeducation classes in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for those who may have found themselves participating in the practice of substance abuse,” said Clarke.

LEAD Institute’s mission is to build pathways from recovery to leadership within the at-risk youth and offender communities.

“Colina is pleased that this donation will help LEAD with its upcoming initiatives. Opportunities that positively impact the lives of young people impact our country at large. When we invest in the young people of our country, it yields future dividends and strengthens our communities,” said Maxine V. Seymour, Director, Corporate Communications, Colina.

There are currently sixty (60) individuals enrolled in LEAD for the 2021/2022 academic year. The donation was presented at Colina Insurance Limited’s Freeport Branch. Health protocols were enforced with all individuals sanitizing their hands, wearing protective masks and physically distancing.

News date : 12/06/2021    Category : Business, Press Releases

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