BTC SHARING THE MAGIC OF BROADBAND WITH 10k CUSTOMERS FOR CHRISTMAS Dozens of Communities get “Fiberized” for the Holidays

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November 24, 2021

BTC has announced its latest initiative as part of its “Share the Magic of Christmas Campaign”, a fiber upgrade targeting an additional 10,000 homes in New Providence just before the holidays. BTC plans to light up these homes with up to 600mbps of super-fast broadband connectivity for Christmas.

An elated, BTC CEO, Andre Foster said, “I’ve issued the challenge to my technical team to provide broadband services to another 10,000 customers before Christmas, and they’ve graciously accepted. We are hard at work and we’re upgrading our services from copper to fiber throughout the Carmichael Road community, Cowpen Road, Pinewood Gardens, East Street, Farrington Road, Fort Charlotte, Coral Lakes, Coral Harbour, Coral Vista and South Beach. The end result will be blazing speeds and reliable services at an unmatched price for our customers enabling them to connect even more devices and stream more content.”

Portions of Faith Avenue, Gladstone Road, Bacardi Road, Flamingo Gardens, Marshall Road, Misty Gardens, Shrimp Road and Hamster Road are among the areas in Carmichael Road community that are being upgraded. Davis Street, Warren Street, Boyd Road, Quarry Mission and Killarney Shores are also in the mix in New Providence.

One of the company’s latest feats, is the continued fiber upgrade in the Abaco community. BTC has now extended fiber connectivity to Green Turtle Cay, and the company is optimistic about delivering upgraded service to the approximately 350 customers residing there. Central Pines, Dundas Town, Murphy Town, and Marsh Harbour now have access to fiber services.

Foster continued, “The global pandemic has encouraged us to think and operate differently. We have seen the advent of many home-based and mobile businesses. Of course, we’re still seeing many children attend school virtually, so there’s a continued demand for best-in-class services at affordable prices. Therefore, we are aggressively upgrading our network. Our mission really is to provide access at affordable prices, and in many instances, we’ve reduced our costs as we now bundle our services for customers. Customers in our fiber footprint have the ability to upgrade their services with 150mbps of broadband, 157 television channels, and a landline service with unlimited calls to the US, UK and Canada for under one hundred dollars.”

Customers have the option of also bundling up to four postpaid mobile accounts with their residential plan. To request BTC’s internet services, customers can use BTC’s e-commerce platforms including its website, WhatsApp Bot (225-5282), and Virtual Store 424-SHOP or 577-SHOP.

News date : 11/24/2021    Category : Business, Press Releases

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