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October 07, 2021

Doongalik Studios is pleased to announce the Opening of Kim Deveaux’s Solo Exhibition entitled “All Wood” on Monday, October 18th from 5-8pm with covid-19 protocols in place.

Deveaux started working for this show during the covid pandemic lockdowns last year and realized that she had amassed enough pieces of work to have a show. “All Wood” will be her first solo exhibition at Doongalik, where she has shown several times in the company of other wood artists, and she is excited to be displaying so many pieces of work on her own. Her journey to this point has been an interesting one.

She developed a love for decorating and art during her years of teaching at Nassau Christian Schools (NCA) from 1991 – 2001 which extended into decorating for friends’ weddings and for churches and homes. Her passion grew even more when she also developed a love for custom engraving and carving, which led to her stumbling upon Dr. Lew Jensen, of Provo, Utah who invited her to visit and train with him in September 2016.

Deveaux is now a full time artist and entrepreneur who works from her home based studio. She began her art career carving coconuts and conch shells which evolved into carving and engraving on local wood. She has engraved and personalized one of a kind cufflinks for men, mugs, wine goblets, wooden boxes, musical instruments, wine bottles, head boards, cutting boards, cabinet doors, entry doors and a whole lot more.

“In February 2020, the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation contracted me to build the Cacique Awards so I ordered supplies immediately because the event was scheduled to be held in May.  By the time the lockdowns began I had most of my supplies, had been in the bush to cut a lot of the mahogany, and was just about ready to go. So the lockdowns for me were a very relaxing time of peace, quiet, and work.  I am an early riser, so I was up from after 4 each morning preparing to go in the backyard and work.  Most days I would work from 7am to 10 pm. 

“Covid has really been a blessing for me! During the lockdowns I had more time to focus and be creative so I just continued to work. Once there was wood available, I found something to make. One of the featured pieces in the exhibition is a serving tray made from pallet wood. There are a variety of local woods in the show: Mahogany, Sapodilla, Horse Flesh, Woman's Tongue, Almond, Wild Tamarind and Black Ebony - basically “all wood”. 

“Personalized, handcrafted, one of a kind” are the words I use to describe my art,” states Deveaux. “I enjoy the process of seeking the medium - from cutting wood, planing, sanding and designing. I work the product from start to finish, where I feel, I become, and therefore have a greater appreciation for my craft.

“I love working with wood as my main medium because the finished product is so beautiful. To see a tree, or what appears to be a discarded or rotted piece of wood magically transformed once cut is amazing! Exposing the previously hidden beauty and majestic patterns and colors places a smile on my face, and I am reminded that there could only be a God who loves us to create such intricate patterns and designs on the inside of a piece of wood. For me, what some would deem as trash, I am privileged to be able to turn into an artistic piece that is treasured by my clients.

“Visitors to the exhibition will experience more than 30 pieces of art ranging from cutting boards, garden ornaments, clocks, tables and wall art. “All would” find a piece of interest!”  The exhibition will be on display until Saturday, October 30. Gallery hours are Monday to Wednesday from 10am – 4pm, or by appointment. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Gallery at 394-1886 or by email at

Photo of the artist at work

The completed collection of Duhos for the 2020 Cacique Awards made by the artist

‘Under the Sea’ wooden sculpture by Kim Deveaux

News date : 10/07/2021    Category : Art, Press Releases

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