Endowment Support Award Memorializes Katrinka Marshall and Funds Education Scholarships at UB

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October 05, 2021

A commitment to nation building is being embodied in the newest scholarship available for students of University of The Bahamas (UB) which not only memorializes a beloved sports statistician, but creates a pathway for aspiring physical education and special education teachers to earn their academic degrees.

The Dr. Janice A. Marshall and Katrinka D. Marshall Endowment Support Award was recently established at UB through a generous $25,000 donation. The late Katrinka Marshall was a well-known basketball and volleyball statistician and physical education teacher who passed away earlier this year. Through the award, Dr. Janice Marshall-Roberts and the rest of the Marshall family, are ensuring that Marshall’s inspiring contributions are honoured in perpetuity. “The biggest thing that comes to mind is nation building, being able to give back to the community, being able to give back to the University of The Bahamas helps to develop that nation building characteristic that definitely started way before I was even a thought, or my sister,” said Dr. Marshall-Roberts at the recent Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony. Dr. Marshall-Roberts said she wanted to give back to the institution that laid a firm foundation for her own successes.

“As a former student of the College of The Bahamas, matriculating was definitely an experience that set the stage for all things to come, including all of the other degrees that I was able to obtain, including an Associate’s Degree from the College of The Bahamas, a Bachelor’s degree from Sojourner College also in Nassau,” she said. “My other degree is from Nova Southeastern and Barry College. They all hinged on that same foundation that was provided through the then College of The Bahamas.

“So now to be able to give back to the University that started it all, that made it possible for someone like me, a child of a person from a regular, middle-class family, to be able to make a difference in the lives of other people and other students is just heartwarming and phenomenal.”

Private giving to UB is a critical priority as a means of increasing opportunities for students to earn higher education and ultimately help to advance their country. UB President Dr. Rodney D. Smith was extremely grateful for how the Marshall family chose to honour their loved one’s memory.

“I wish to express sincere condolences on behalf of the entire UB family and to say how grateful we are to the Marshall family for your generosity and commitment to students wishing to further their education in Special Education or Physical Education,” he said.

“The full pledge of $25,000 towards the Dr. Janice A. Marshall and Katrinka D. Marshall endowment support award will provide our students the opportunity to become future educators. Please know that all members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni are very appreciative of your kind donation.”

Kiara Marshall also expressed gratitude that her mother’s memory was being honoured through the endowment award. Katrinka Marshall trained both of her daughters to be sports statisticians. “I really appreciate what’s going on,” said Ms. Marshall. “It’s been a very hard time for me, my sister, and the rest of the family…She was a really a well-known physical education teacher as well as a very well-known international FIBA statistician. I am very touched that she is being honored in this way, very touched.”

The Hon. Bacchus Rolle, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Works and Utilities, and Head Coach of the UB Mingoes Men’s Basketball team was also present for the MOU signing ceremony. He spoke fondly of his friend of 15 years.

“Even beyond basketball, Katrinka was a kind and gentle soul who exuded compassion for others,” said Mr. Rolle. “As the young people would say in our country, she was ‘real’. And so today, to have her name etched on an award that comes to the aide of young persons who need support is truly fitting to her memory. Serving in the capacity of the Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball programme, I know first-hand the needs of some of our students, in particular our Family Island students.

“In fact, I coach students with such needs. Therefore, I am certain that this award can and will have an impact on those students who could use additional support to ensure that their journey as university students is a successful one. Thank you to the Marshall Family and the University for making this possible.”

UB Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Alumni Affairs Mr. Dino Hernandez acknowledged the bitter-sweet significance of the MOU signing ceremony.

“This endowment fund is a strong demonstration of Dr. Janice Marshall’s support of the University and our students, poised to make a profound and lasting impact on not only The Bahamas but around the world. We extend our deepest appreciation to Dr. Janice Marshall and friends—the Marshall family—that created this fund.”

The Janice and Katrinka Marshall Endowment Support Award honours the legacy of the late Katrinka Marshall and contributes to nation building through scholarships for special education and physical education majors. Photo shows Dr. Janice Marshall-Roberts, along with her mother and children.

News date : 10/05/2021    Category : Education, Press Releases

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