Yes, you should start your own business!

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October 05, 2021

By: Jhanae Winter

Business owners and entrepreneurship is increasing throughout the world. Many people are leaving their day jobs to start a business of their own that they actually enjoy. Some others are using their 9-5 jobs to fund their dream jobs.

Guess what, you should and could too! The main reasons are job and financial security.

The climate we are in where money can sometimes be hard to find, business can close down at the snap of a finger, companies downsize and lockdowns affect profits; there is no telling what can happen to a person financially. 

In 2020, those who thought they would never downsize or lose their job, did.

This was a catastrophe as workers and employees had no idea how they were going to survive, maintain their lifestyles and provide for their family. 

The thing with having multiple streams of income

is when one caplases, you are not left in a state of destitute. You can fall back and adjust with the others. 

Like many countries, The Bahamas was also and still is affected by the pandemic. Businesses are still trying to catch up from the massive blow to the economy. Many citizens are still without a job and are continually on the hunt. 

In The Bahamas many people are filled with talents, skills and creative minds they can utilize to start a business venture and make a profit. 

The market is there.

For some, they had no choice but to establish some sort of business idea to keep them through last year and into this year. 

It is very important to have various plans in action that will still produce income for you. 

Being a business owner of course takes work and sacrifice, but think about reaping the fruits of your labour. There is nothing worse than pouring your heart, time, blood, sweat and tears into something and not being able to reap any tangible benefits from it. 

Sometimes working for others can do that. But as the boss, you can reap the benefits the business makes while sharing with staff and employees. 

As an owner, you get to set your own time and hours and give yourself days off or vacation time as you see fit. You can move at your own pace and create a schedule that actually fits your lifestyle and not having to adjust your life to another’s timeline. 

The good part apart from all of this is freedom. Freedom to move, freedom to be and freedom to create. Your ideas and thoughts actually matter and will be heard.

How many times did you have an idea at work that might have been well for the company but were too afraid to say it? Or you thought it wouldn’t be used at all?

Those struggles don’t exist when you make the final decision. You will have the creative freedom to decide which products and services you will offer, how to tailor them to your niche, how to stand out from competitors, marketing tools and so much more.

You determine the voice of the business. What do I mean by that? Well every business has a voice just like us. Some businesses are fun and playful while others are serious and pretentious. You can determine the overall emotion and vibe you want your brand to reperest. This will determine how you operate with customers, the colors scheme of your business, the way you navigate social media etc. 

Business models and ideas are no longer for those 30 and older. At the age of 15 a young Bahamian can start a business, with the guidance of an adult and make money to sustain them throughout school.

The point is, there is no limit to your idea.

So if you're convinced and want to start your business but don’t know how, stay tuned for more articles!

News date : 10/05/2021    Category : Business

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