Comforting yet sweet

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September 24, 2021

Three decades into opening its doors, Comfort Suites Paradise Island can take pride in remaining faithful to its vision of excellence in service, value and product to its guests. And it is celebrating its Pearl Anniversary all year with spectacular rates that locals  are taking advantage of – including me, as I recently beelined it to the resort with relaxation on the mind for a staycation getaway.

In this COVID-19 era and everything that comes into play when traveling abroad now, staying at home while getting away from my home was enticing.

With thoughts of lounging by the pool and catching up on reading uppermost in my mind, I checked into the Comfort Suites Paradise Island for an extended weekend getaway. Having stayed at the resort before, I knew what I was in for, and the value for money that would be received. So, while comfort means many things and has many looks for people, I found it both comforting and sweet to return to the family-friendly property where I was greeted with a smile, that I noticed actually reached the guest services representative’s eyes behind a mask that hid most of her face, so I knew the welcome was genuine. And to be honest, it’s the staff that make the difference – a genuine smile, asking what they can do better to make your stay better, chatting you up for a quick minute – that makes an experience amazing.

It’s at the “little” resort where you can also find the Crusoe’s Restaurant, this hidden gem of a restaurant that really gets me excited every time I dine there. People … the guava bread pudding is not to be missed. (And, yes – I skipped all the way to dessert. It’s that good). But if you have some semblance of self-control, start with their homemade Johnny cake which is only served with the Abaco conch chowder. It’s a must-have item.

At Crusoe’s Restaurant I’ve also enjoyed their conchy conch fritters in the past, which again is an item they are proud of, but I found a new offering that I have become addicted to – their Caribbean twisted wings (you would be taken aback to learn what comprises the sauce ingredients) which are offered mild or hot. Honestly, I ordered wings as an appetizer with most of my meals.

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