"I am determined to change the narrative from 'I haven’t met her,' to 'Maxine, you again?'"

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September 14, 2021

By: Jhanae Winter

Maxine Seymour, the Free National Movement’s Seabreeze candidate for the 2021 general election is focused on connecting with her constituents and bettering their lives in any way possible. 

As a woman, wife, mother, daughter, aunt, godmother and a friend. She is a Bahamian who loves her country and is committed to doing her best to make a difference, every single day.

As a child, Mrs Seymour's love and passion for the political arena was evident, being exposed to political and community activism; and the influence of public servants and politicians who impacted her life.

The decision to one day step into the world of politics on her own was already laid out for her and she simply followed what she believed to be God’s calling on her life. 

Although it is said quite often, Mrs Seymour's focus is clear and that is to better the lives of Bahamians. 

“I am passionate about people! My goal is to empower people, to change lives for the better,” Mrs Seymour said. 

As some shy away from social media, Mrs Seymour embraces it using it as a method to connect with Bahamians who may not be familiar with her. 

On one of her Facebook posts, she employed those to reach out to her with any questions alluding to the fact that it's all her and no political team speaking on her behalf. 

“Message me! It’s really me. I do not have a personal team of social media experts to answer you. I’m here to listen, here to serve alongside you to build a better Seabreeze. Reach out to me. I’ll be here, even after the 16th!, Mrs Seymour wrote on her Facebook page. 

She wants the Seabreeze constituents to connect with her and truly foster a genuine relationship with the people. This is what she is doing regardless of winning a seat. 

Beyond this, she wants to empower women and help move the country forward in the right direction. 

“Politics is not a game for me. It is about good governance,” she said.

During her campaigning, she leisurely moved from door to door, giving each resident her undivided attention, taking in all the sights and listening to the concerns of the people, not racing from door to door.

It is with this likeness Mrs Seymour employs Bahamians, especially her Seabreeze constituents to vote carefully and cautiously, Thursday September 16, 2021.

Vote wisely. Vote Maxine Seymour. 

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