Mylf Goddess Boutique focuses on mother’s health with holistic postpartum care and recovery

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September 10, 2021

By: Jhanae Winter 

Mothers who gave birth to their children will talk about their experiences before and during childbirth and many ears are wide open, but the conversation too often stops there. It’s what happens after child birth that has a greater effect on the mother.

Moniquekell Farquharson, owner of Mylf Goddess Boutique, is focused on the well being of all new mothers and wants to help them on their journey to postpartum recovery.

In 2018, Moniquekell gave birth to her son, however, after delivery, she was unsure how to take care of herself and what to do. With no one to turn to, she took it upon herself to research and learn more about postpartum care and thus Mylf Goddess Boutique was birthed.

“I had been playing with the idea of starting a Feminine Care business for a few years but the deciding factor that pushed me to run with Mylf Goddess Boutique, was my own postpartum care and recovery. So many things went wrong and I had no idea who to turn to for trustworthy advice, so I ended up learning and figuring out a ton of things on my own. I wondered how many other new moms were experiencing what I experienced and so I decided I wanted to help other moms, the way I couldn’t be helped,” Moniquekell said. 

The purpose for Moniquekell’s business is to provide new mothers with the resources, holistic products and services they need to ensure they heal and ‘snapback’, in the healthiest way possible. 

Some of these products and services include: lactation products, postpartum baths and kits to promote healing and quick recovery, and lastly womb wellness support to regain vaginal health, snapback and healthy flora, she told 

Employed at a Gynecologist/Obstetrician office for over three years, Moniquekell has experience in the field. 

To solidify her work some of her clients’ doctors have recommended Mylf Goddess Boutique products and services. Moniquekell said these referrals are some of her career highlights. 

“It still gets me, even to this day, because my brand is being mentioned, referred to and praised in groups and by people, some of whom I’ve never met. Another highlight, which occurred back in 2018 I think, was an article on my business by The Nassau Guardian. My business was going by Mylk Goddess Womb Wellness Spa & Apothecary then. I was super excited and proud about that,” she said.

Because of this, Moniquekell does not let any negativity get to her, but lets her clients’ praises and referrals speak for her in terms of the services she offers. But if there are some, which hasn't been much, who didn't receive what they were looking for, she would do all in her power to help them no matter the cost and see that they are satisfied, she said. 

Moniquekell's business journey has been “enlightening”. She’s acquired more knowledge on her area of interest and had countless opportunities to bond with her clients, essentially building her own community of postpartum mothers, she said.

She is appreciative of her clients who always send in encouraging words to uplift her and remind her of the impact she has in their lives. 

“That alone keeps me going,” she said. 

However, things did not start out as great for the business owner. 

Like many others Moniquekell struggled with finances when first starting her business. She said, it appeared as though she never had sufficient funds to get all the things she needed. She was also thrown off her feet when the pandemic happened which disrupted her chances of receiving a business grant from the government.

Having to give up a space she was renting in a hair and nail salon was enough for her to throw in the towel. On top of her financial woes, Moniquekell expressed she had had little support from those around her. Everyone needed her products and services, but no one wanted to actually patronize her business, she said. 

But as a mother, the most challenging aspects were finding a balance between her new business, herself and her toddler. 

“This has NOT been an easy feat for me… This played heavily on my availability to my business, and it still does to this day. I’m trying to be more consistent with showing up on social media, posting often and maintaining inventory and product rollouts, but I still fall short in all these things due to me stepping back often to simply catch myself, take care of my mental health, or bond with my son through every new growth spurt he goes through,” she said.

Nevertheless, throughout this business journey, Moniquekell completed several of her goals for Mylf Goddess Boutique. A few of them are: releasing my postpartum products last year during lockdown for Cesarean moms and VB moms, recreating my brand, advertising on the digital billboards, as well as joining the Bahamas National Breastfeeding Association, she explained. 

She also plans to expand her business to include dietary needs for women but in particular postpartum mothers and have a storefront that caters to all her clients needs.

To help guide her on this journey she uses her favorite quotes from Florence Scovel Shinn “Courage has Genius, Magick & Power in it” and also “Just Show up & God will Show Out”, when the days get rough, she said.

For Moniquekell, she simply wants women to take their postpartum health more seriously and for the topic to be advocated for. This is why she does not view other businesses in her field as competition but sees it as mothers getting the care they need after bringing life into the world.

She knew this was something that needed to be done based on how she was handled and launched her business in action. Many at the time including family did not understand her decision but she continued anyway. 

“My entire family didn’t understand and probably still don’t quite get why I would leave a perfectly good job, to create a business from scratch, as postpartum care wasn’t touted heavily in this country a few years ago. So my biggest scrutiny in all of this was, how I could leave, sure for unsure, WITH a newborn baby, because my son was maybe 6 months when I resigned from my job”, she said.

Mylf Goddess Boutique is Moniquekell’s main business which she considers to be in the “development stage… but it’s all coming together”.

If you are a new mother or knows someone that is, connect with Moniquekell on her socials.

Facebook: Mylf Goddess Boutique

Instagram: @mylfgoddess242

Tiktok: @mylfgoddess


Phone: 824-MYLF

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