WMS Holdings Limited releases “25 Reasons” ad campaign and announces intent to work with the incoming administration

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September 10, 2021

After many fruitless attempts to work with the current and previous governments of The Bahamas and BPL over the last few years, WMS Holdings Limited (WMS) has published “25 Reasons Why Our Energy Solutions Are The Best And Most Superior Solutions For The Bahamas.” The full-page ad was printed on September 10 in the Tribune and Guardian newspapers. It comes as the company announces it will be extending its proposal and associated offerings to the incoming administration once the results of the September 16 general election are determined. The proposal, which seeks to eliminate the need for BPL’s rate reduction bond (RRB) by providing debt-free funding and new fuel technology, coincides with a commitment from WMS to provide support to public health and other strained areas in the country.

In the past, WMS has reached out not only to the Minnis administration, but also the two previous governments to get its proposal seen and heard. However, with each attempt, the company was met with little to no response. Now the current administration, competing parties, and the public can review the opportunities WMS has been pitching for the country with the release of its list of “25 Reasons.”

After years of unreliable, costly energy service and failing power distribution, WMS wants to support BPL in ensuring residents and business owners no longer have to worry about such deficiencies. BPL’s proposed RRB promises to increase consumer rates and pull the power company into further debt. WMS has proposed $547 million in debt-free funding to cover the cost of the RRB. The amount goes above and beyond BPL’s proposed funding requirements by an additional $12 million. This 100% Bahamian-owned company also has the means to transform energy in The Bahamas with a new natural gas liquid (NGL) fuel technology known as compressed gas liquid (CGL). If brought to the nation, it would reduce the price of fuel and, consequently, consumer rates significantly.

Beyond energy, WMS recognizes the need for swift, effective change in the areas of public health and labour struggles. The company aims to provide funding and resources to assist the government in battling current and future surges of COVID-19 cases while additionally providing support for the country’s deteriorating hospitals and other healthcare facilities. With WMS’s support, the government would also be better equipped to respond to the growing labour disputes across local industries.

WMS is looking forward to the results of this year’s general election and ultimately working with whichever administration is to be installed. All in all, this company is committed to bettering the lives of Bahamians with innovative and modern solutions. A deal with WMS is guaranteed to directly benefit Bahamians and their economy.

News date : 09/10/2021    Category : Business, Press Releases

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