Govt exploring options for voters in quarantine

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September 08, 2021

With the advanced poll set for Thursday, Minister of Health Renward Wells said yesterday that the government is exploring ways to allow individuals in quarantine to vote.

However, he emphasized that no final decision had been made yet and health officials have strongly recommended that those people not be permitted to cast their ballots.

“The government is looking at this,” Wells told reporters outside Cabinet.

“We understand the issues of the constitutionality and folks wanting to exercise their rights. And so, a discussion is going to be had on the recommendation because the health professionals did send forward options.

“I’m not going to speak to those options, but their definitive recommendation to the government was that these persons not be allowed to vote.

“But the government has come back and said, ‘But if we do allow them to vote, give us an idea as to how best this can take place’.” 

Wells added, “It’s still under discussion, but I can say that health professionals in the Ministry of Health, the ones who basically make recommendations, are recommending to the government that those persons not, N-O-T, not be allowed to vote.”

On Monday, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) threatened legal action should quarantined individuals be prevented from voting in the general election. 

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News date : 09/08/2021    Category : Covid-19, Politics, Nassau Guardian Stories

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