STAY ALIVE - PROOF IS IN THE NUMBERS: Less than 5 percent of fully vaccinated are admitted to hospitals

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August 04, 2021

LESS than five percent of people fully vaccinated in The Bahamas have been infected with COVID-19 and fewer than one percent of recovered patients have been re-infected with the disease, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Delon Brennen has said.

Dr Brennen insisted yesterday vaccinations are the only way out of the pandemic, adding that while many may be hesitant to take the jab for various reasons, the benefits of taking the Oxford- AstraZeneca vaccine still far outweigh the risks.

Dr Brennen disclosed the information as a guest on radio talk show “The Morning Blend” with host Dwight Strachan.

Dr Brennen said the vast majority of people contracting the disease and being hospitalised are those who have not been fully inoculated against COVID-19.

He said at last report, no fully vaccinated people have died from the disease or are currently in hospital.

Meanwhile, the number of fully vaccinated who tested positive for the virus represents fewer than five percent, he added. These occurrences are known as “breakthrough cases.”

“The last time we looked at it, it still represents less than five percent of what we’re seeing in country (and that is for) persons who’ve been vaccinated who are still getting infected,” Dr Brennen said.

“And most startling is when we start to look at some of the issues that come with hospitalisations, when you look at the deaths, it shows you over and over again – that it is unfortunately individuals who have not been vaccinated who are suffering most from this

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News date : 08/04/2021    Category : Covid-19, Health, Tribune Stories

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