Inaugural National Family Week Celebration Kicks-off with Free Webinar Featuring Top Speakers July 28

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July 26, 2021

Under the theme, ”Developing A Sustainable National Economy through Strong Families”, more than a dozen business, civic, social and national leaders are set to participate in a virtual conference about restoration of family values July 28, 2021, it was announced today.

The webinar will be the highlight of a series of activities celebrating National Week of The Family.

“We celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and we are delighted to announce that The Bahamas, as proclaimed by The Most Honourable Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, will recognize the 1st National Family Week July 25-31,” said Cheryl Walkine-Alexandre, founder and Organizational Development Consultant of National Organization Development Connections International (NOD). The virtual presentation will be hosted in collaboration with the Department of Gender and Family Affairs, Urban Renewal Commission, The Bahamas Crisis Centre under the direction of Dr. Jacinta Higgs, Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development.

Featured webinar speakers include Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Frankie Campbell, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames, Director of The Department of Gender and Family Affairs, Dr. Jacinta Higgs, Spouse of the Prime Minister Patricia Minnis, The Crisis Centre, Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson, Bahamas Feeding Network Executive Director Philip Smith, UB Associate Professor, Dr. Chris Curry, Bahamas Christian Council representative, Archdeacon James Palacious and other supporters of the Marriage, Children Family Alliance Movement (McFAM). Keynote speaker speaking on the theme will be Dr. Tim Rarick, Head of Family & Home Department, Brigham Young University, Idaho.

The event will run from 10 am to 1pm with an hour run-up on Immediate Response with Spence Finlayson.

“At noon, the event will feature a live challenge in which we ask all participants to send a text message to a family member connecting to the individual virtually with a wish or thought from the heart, such as ‘I love you my handsome son/beautiful wife, How do you want to celebrate the 1st National Day of the Family?’ or ‘What would be exciting to do on Saturday, National Day of The Family?’” said Ms. Walkine-Alexandre. “In addition, to investing time to creating happy family memories on Saturday, family heads and members are encouraged to take their families to a church of their choice on Sunday, August 1st.

While these are just activities, we know they are instructive in driving a movement to strengthen spiritual and emotional family ties, reducing probability of violent interactions/conflict, increasing family functionality and promoting positive interactive behaviors that will foster a healthier, wealthier and safer society.”

It is hoped that this event will be a soft launch to a Family Renaissance campaign leading up to the United Nations 30th Anniversary of The International Day of Families (2024).

Cheryl Walkine-Alexandre, founder of NOD Connections dreamt long ago and advocated for a National Family commemoration Week since the licensing of NOD Connections International a year ago. Dr. Jacinta Higgs notes, "Congratulations Mrs. Alexandre in your quest to help families."

"I am so excited and humbled, I am brought to tears!” beamed Ms. Walkine-Alexandre. “This is a landmark occasion and indicates the commitment of government, civic and other community leaders to the continued and revitalized push to uplift families, the fabric of our society and economy. I am particularly grateful to Dr. Higgs for her passionate drive to this end. I acknowledge her passionate humility and cooperative spirit of partnership in bringing this initiative to reality, in the fervent, selfless interest in uplifting gender and family roles in our beloved nation.”

The webinar can be accessed via ZOOM Meeting ID # 242 8036300 and Passcode #111444. Celebrate Happy 1st Annual National Week of The Family Bahamas by sharing on social media @ #Don’tCelebrateYourFamilyThen!, #Ilovemyfamily, #FamilyFirst, #FamilyStrong, #BFF-BuildingForeverFamilies, Happy 1st National Day of The Family Bahamas.

News date : 07/26/2021    Category : Community/Charity, Press Releases

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