Governor General plants a Lignum Vitae tree

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July 11, 2011

sm-GG_Tree-planting-July-9th_-2011-----46843.jpgGovernor-General Sir Arthur Foulkes, pictured centre, shovelling as he plants a Lignum Vitae free on Saturday, July 9, in the Upper Gardens at Government House. Looking on at left is Melvin Seymour, secretary to the Governor-General and right is Ed Fields, chairman of We The People.

On August 1st, We The People will celebrate the power of the tree as it relates to community and is therefore partnering with The Bahamas Landscaping Association to provide, at cost, over 1000 trees for planting in New Providence neighborhoods...

News date : 07/11/2011    Category : About Bahamians, Community/Charity, Culture, Environment

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