Governor General of The Bahamas Assistance Request - Toby Smith

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May 04, 2021

His Excellency Cornelius A. Smith,
Governor General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,
Government House,
New Providence.

23rd April, 2021.

Ref: Assistance from the Crown.


Dear Your Excellency,

I trust that you are well. Please convey my deepest condolences to Her Majesty on
the Queen on the passing of His Highness Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Subsequent to our meeting on the 27th November, 2019 I am pleased to advise that
the Government of The Bahamas offered Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club a
Crown Land lease on the 7th January, 2020. While I was happy to fully accept all the
terms offered and followed their instruction to sign, seal, notarize and witness the
Crown Land Lease, my happiness was short lived as it would appear that the
Government of The Bahamas, as per Joshua Sears letter dated 26th February, 2020
offered land contained within my Crown Land Lease to a third party; after I accepted
the Government of The Bahamas’ offer in its entirety and returned the said
documents on the 9th January, 2020.

I therefore wish to bring this turn of events to both you and Her Highness with the
hope that this Crown Land lease can be respected by the Government of The
Bahamas and whatever intervention at the highest level can be made from His
Excellency or Her Highness to ensure that Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach
Club’s Crown Land Lease is respected for the enjoyment and benefit of Bahamians, I
would be sincerely grateful.

Thank you very much in advance. May the light shine on.


Sincerely yours,

Capt. Toby C.S. Smith,

News date : 05/04/2021    Category : About Bahamians, Politics

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