PM's COVID-19 address in the House of Assembly

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April 21, 2021

From the PM’s COVID-19 address in the House of Assembly:

šŸ“Effective Immediately

ā°The daily curfew on mainland Abaco will be removed from 8pm-5am and replaced 10pm-5am.

šŸ“ŒThose within the Bahamas that have been fully vaccinated will be exempted from COVID 19 test requirements when traveling to the Islands.

- These travelers will be exempted immediately after full vaccination.

- You must still adhere to the social distancing and mask wearing protocols.

šŸ›¬Effective May 1, those traveling to The Bahamas from Outside of the Bahamas will be exempted from a COVID 19 test once they are fully vaccinated and have passed the 2 week immunity period.

- Once Individuals are fully vaccinated, they can also resume Indoor dining.

šŸ„Fully vaccinated Junkanooers will be able to work in Junkanoo Shacks.

- 33,000 vaccines are expected to come in before the end of May from the COVAX Facility.

“We don’t like imposing restrictions. We only impose when necessary. When conditions improve, we will loosen the measures.”

News date : 04/21/2021    Category : Covid-19, About Bahamians

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