Shaq O'Neal Paid Off Random Guys Engagement Ring

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April 07, 2021

ATLANTA (CNN) — A Georgia man received quite the surprise while he was at a local jeweler working out a possible payment plan for an engagement ring, as none other than Shaq overheard the conversation.

The entire experience was caught on video, and shows Shaq paying off the young man’s engagement ring debt, a story further elaborated on during Tuesday night’s episode of NBA on TNT.


Shaq Pays off Mans Engagement Ring

“He was a young kid, a hardworking guy,” said Shaq of the man attempting to plan out some type of layaway or payment plan for the ring.

This is nothing new for the NBA legend, as he has a long history of helping strangers.

“I’m into making people happy,” said Shaq. “So, whenever I leave the house I just try to do a good deed.”

Shaq said he never intended for the story to necessarily get out, as he does not do this for any type of publicity, and that he just tries “to make people smile.”

News date : 04/07/2021    Category : World News

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