'NO PINDLING ON THE TICKET': Former PM's daughter says PLP leaders feared 'negativity' of his record

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March 03, 2021

MONIQUE Pindling, the daughter of former Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling, said the Progressive Liberal Party’s “leadership” told her she would not receive a nomination because the PLP does not “want a Pindling on the ticket”.

She made her comment during an appearance on the 96.9FM talk show “The Revolution” yesterday.

“They alluded to something about negativity of my dad and didn’t want it to be the focus and things like that,” she said.

Ms Pindling ended her bid to secure the PLP’s nomination in Central and South Andros last summer after party officials made it clear that she would not get the nomination.

She said her mother, former Governor General Marguerite Pindling, was at the meeting when the PLP’s “leadership” told her that a Pindling would not be on the ticket.

She did not specify which PLP leaders she met with.

Although current Central and South Andros representative Picewell Forbes said on Monday he would no longer seek the party’s nomination, Ms Pindling made it clear she does not expect to be the party’s standard bearer in that constituency.

“I didn’t like what I saw (on Monday),” she said. “I’m very saddened (by) the way in which Mr Forbes felt that he needed to do something like that, that was definitely not an intention of mine, it had nothing to do with me.

“Please let me say this categorically for listeners out there, it had nothing to do with me, the Pindling machinery faction had nothing to do with what you saw (on Monday) and no, I have not been called, I have not been given the nomination, I have not been ratified, I am not going to be the presumptive nominee. If you go back, if you have listened to what I’ve said, if you’ve read anything, they did not want me, they still do not want me in that seat.

“I think if you look now at the news, there is someone else who is out there who wants to be in the running for Andros. If you put two and two together and if you really think about this carefully, it was never about me. I was just used as a distraction, I think, that’s only my humble opinion.”

Support in the constituency appears to be coalescing around Leon Lundy, a former member of the Democratic National Alliance.

PLP supporters in South Andros have told The Tribune they respect Mr Lundy’s ties and work in the community. Other hopefuls, many of them say, have not done the continuous work over the years that is needed to win their support.

Mr Lundy, when asked about his relationship with PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis, confirmed to this newspaper on Monday that he is Mr Davis’ godchild.

During her interview yesterday, Ms Pindling suggested she feels the PLP only wants to use her father’s name when it is convenient for party leaders.

“It’s not that we have sole ownership (of his legacy), but my thought is, you can’t use him when it’s convenient for you, you can’t use him for good and then say it’s bad, you can’t use him when it’s good occasions or certain occasions and then drop him when you feel like it,” she said.

“If you’re gonna use him, use him for good. Don’t just use him as if he’s a commodity when you could get up and you could say what you want to say.”

Ms Pindling said when she met with the PLP’s leadership sometime in August or September of last year, she was shocked by their comment about the Pindling name.

She said she met with PLP leaders again sometime in January.

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