Prime Minister the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis at the Inauguration of the Orville A. Turnquest Building

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February 22, 2021

Good afternoon. Today, as we look around our nation and the world, we are reminded of the role that our uniformed branches play in protecting our borders and in helping to keep our communities safe.

The official opening of this building, dedicated to national security, goes beyond a state-of-the-art physical structure.

The Orville Turnquest National Security Building will play an essential role in the strengthening and further coordination of our armed forces. This four-story, 70,000 square-feet modern structure is comprised of an east and west wing to accommodate each of our armed forces. Many men and women have fought over the generations to help to build and to secure our Bahamas.

The name that will adorn this new building is one such patriot and nation builder. Sir Orville Turnquest dedicated his life to public service and to the betterment of our Commonwealth. Hailing from Grants Town and rising to the upper echelon of the legal profession, Sir Orville struggled for decades to help to secure democracy in The Bahamas. Like other freedom fighters, he lent his talents and energy to help to deepen and broaden our democracy.

He made various sacrifices for the sake of country and the kind of country he wanted for all Bahamians. Through his dedicated public service he inspired others, among them his children, including his son Tommy, who once served as Minister of National Security.

Sir Orville rose to become the fifth Bahamian Governor General in an independent Bahamas.

He served in a number of areas in public life, including as Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs and as Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister. He was knighted in 1995.
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News date : 02/22/2021    Category : Politics, Press Releases

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