The IL Cares Foundations provides Thanksgiving Dinner to the children of the Children’s Home

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November 27, 2020

This afternoon, the IL Cares Foundation hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the children of The Children’s Home.

It’s an initiative that began in 2017 and has become an annual tradition. Last year the celebration had to be canceled due to the relocation of the children as a result of Hurricane Dorian.

However, with the children returning home, the foundation felt it fitting to continue the tradition. “As the children are still adjusting to being back home, what better way to begin the holiday season that with a familiar celebration”, says IL Cares Foundation representative.

Through the foundation we aim to continue ongoing initiatives with the goal of dramatically increasing the quality of life for hundreds of Bahamians.

By giving back to our community in ways that create stronger individuals and households, we can create stronger citizens and a stronger economy. It is our main focus and goal to directly affect those with the greatest needs.

Pauline Bowen-Forbes the administrator for the children home states, “2019-2020 has been as Queen Elizabeth once described as ‘anus horribilis’ Our children have had their share of trauma, repeated displacement and basically their lives once again interrupted with the effects of Covid -19 It is necessary to do whatever we can to return them to some sort of normalcy, since their return they have left The Home once since October.” She continues, “We want them to feel loved and remembered we’re so appreciative of Island Luck Cares for really caring enough to host our children for Thanksgiving Dinner.”

Established in 2014, The IL Cares Foundation (ILC) has now become the sole source of Island Luck’s charitable works and the continued goal and effort of Island Luck will be realized through the successful economic empowerment programs of the ILC.

For more information please email if you, your company, or organization would like to assist with any of our ongoing community service efforts. 

The IL Cares Foundation hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for the children of The Children’s Home. It’s the first celebration to be held since the official reopening of the home which was forced closed by Hurricane Dorian.

News date : 11/27/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Community/Charity, Press Releases

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