BTC Junior Achievement Companies Off To A Great Virtual Start

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November 26, 2020

For the first time in over forty years, BTC kicked off its annual Junior Achievement program in New Providence and Grand Bahama in a fully virtual environment. This year’s theme is ‘Innovative Dreams, Virtual Reality.’

CEO Garry Sinclair said, “Junior Achievement provides the basic building blocks for budding entrepreneurs and we are happy that we were able to again kick off this program for students not just in New Providence, but in Grand Bahama as well.

We thought it would have been a challenge keeping senior students excited and engaged on a virtual platform especially after a long day of school, but to our surprise it has been quite the opposite.

Students are excited and are bringing a fresh perspective on how they can benefit from a virtual Junior Achievement this year.

Most encouraging are the ideas on how they can create jobs to positively advance the state of the country.”

Both companies have selected names and their executive leadership teams. In New Providence, the team has chosen the name GLITCH, which means a Generation of Leaders Ignited to Change History.

The board includes Isaiah Strachan as VP of Marketing, Iyanda Hilton as VP of Human Resources, Mariah Lewis as VP of Production, DeAndre Forbes as VP of Finance and Garise Hanna as VP of Public Relations. This year’s president is Camille Mitchell, a twelfth grade student at Anatol Rodgers High School.

In Grand Bahama, the team has chosen the name Ignite. Chardonnay Bowe was elected president and the board includes Laniya Sargent as VP of Marketing, Danielle Wilson as VP of Human Resources, Neveah Grant as VP of Production, Devaughn Woods as VP of Finance and Quinique Goddard as VP of Public Relations.

“I want to thank our advisory teams both in New Providence and in Grand Bahama for their commitment to this program.

We are led by Keva Turnquest in Nassau, and in Freeport by Deequann Carroll and Eleanor Munroe, who are both BTC retirees. The teams are imparting nuggets on critical thinking and effective leadership.

Parents and the community at large can rest assured that their children are in the hands of some pretty awesome leaders”, Sinclair continued.

Students meet weekly via ZOOM, and there are thirty students enrolled in both programs. Both companies are finalizing their product selections for the upcoming year.

News date : 11/26/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Business, Press Releases

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