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October 29, 2020

-Weekday curfew (Mon-Fri.) 8pm to 5am now applies to New Providence and Abaco, effective Friday 30 October.

-On Grand Bahama, 8pm - 5am daily curfew goes into effect Friday 30 October.

-Weddings limited to 10 people, not including officiant, on Grand Bahama.

-Funerals limited to 10, not including officiant and mortuary workers and may only take place at the graveside on Grand Bahama.

-On Abaco, food stores may open on Saturday from 6am to 7pm, during the 24-hour-curfew period. -Beaches and parks open Mon. – Fri. on New Providence and Abaco between 5am and 8pm, effective Monday 2 November. Groups limited to 5 individuals. COVID-19 Enforcement Unit to heavily monitor beaches and parks.

-Exercise permitted in one’s neighbourhood on Saturdays and Sundays from 5am to 9am, on Abaco and New Providence.

-On islands still under 24-hour weekend curfew, construction companies may apply to the Competent Authority for permission to operate over the weekend.

-Ministry of Health to dispatch an emergency team to assess COVID-19 situation on mainland Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells, due to the increase in COVID-19 related activity.

-Tourism officials will provide further updates before the 1 November reopening of the tourism industry, including restaurant operations and tourist-related activity.

-Health officials will evaluate the rate of COVID-19 transmission two weeks following the re-opening on 1 November to further guide the response.

-Negative RT-PCR test for COVID-19 still required for all Bahamians, legal residents and visitors to The Bahamas, regardless of the amount of time spent abroad.

-24-hour weekend curfew remains in place for New Providence and Abaco. Other measures outlined in the No. 8 Emergency Orders for New Providence and Abaco also remain in place, except for re-opening of beaches on those islands and the operation of food stores on Saturday on Abaco.

News date : 10/29/2020    Category : Covid-19, About Bahamians, Press Releases

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