Blue Orchid Partners with The University of The Bahamas for a new Visual Arts and Design Internship

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October 19, 2020

With the drive to inspire creatives to recognize the power in choosing a career in Art and Design, Blue Orchid Advertising recently partnered with the University of The Bahamas (UB) to offer an internship program for students interested in media, marketing, advertising, design, photography and similar disciplines.

According to Keisha Oliver, Assistant Professor & Head of the Visual Arts and Design Department at UB, the program is designed for sophomore students in the Associates of Arts programmes and prospective students in the Certificate and Bachelors of Fine Arts programs, slated to launch in 2021-2022.

Oliver said the department is committed to developing student opportunities and experiences that are progressive, interdisciplinary, and community-centered.

Blue Orchid’s well-established reputation for producing innovative and creative marketing concepts both locally and internationally solidified the agency as the University’s first choice for this partnership.

“Partnering with an agency like Blue Orchid highlights our commitment to a standard for excellence. We want UB students to become creative thinkers that value the importance of challenging their artistry while raising design standards in The Bahamas," Oliver said.

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Blue Orchid, David Lee, said the company's vision is to be the most effective and revolutionary thought-partner in The Bahamas and globally.

“To bring this vision to life, we provide an environment that fosters original thought with a focus on the target, enabling our orchids to produce daring work that gets results. We are particularly excited about this partnership with UB as it helps us to grow orchids from the root, raising the value of the creative industry in The Bahamas.”

“As an agency, we have already put Bahamian advertising firmly on the world map, and now with this sort of internship program with UB, we can truly act as a catalyst, helping creative Bahamians to burst out of the old economic box,” Lee continued.

The first recipient of this internship was Tayler Rolle. She is an Art Major at UB pursuing a career in creative direction and design.

“This internship has been a wonderful experience because I have learned so much from shadowing the creative team at Blue Orchid. I am gaining insight into my future career path, how to be a better project leader, and using discretion in creative decision-making,” Rolle said.

Blue Orchid’s Human Resources Manager, Christa Munroe, said “Blue Orchid is excited at the thought of adjusting the landscape of the creative industry in The Bahamas and changing the mindset towards jobs for young Bahamians”.

Blue Orchid's Creative Director, David Lee, introduces aspiring creative director Tayler Rolle to the creative industry in The Bahamas. Rolle is an Art student at the University of The Bahamas and the first recipient of the Visual Arts and Design internship program designed for students with a keen interest in creative arts.

University of The Bahamas student and aspiring creative director, Tayler Rolle [seated], gets hands-on training from Blue Orchid's Creative Lead, Jayson Braynen. Rolle is the first recipient of the Visual Arts and Design internship program designed for students with a keen interest in creative arts.

News date : 10/19/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Art, Education, Press Releases

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