Christie’s International Real Estate network raises almost US$80,000 for the Bahamas’ hurricane relief

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September 25, 2020

Christie’s International Real Estate is pleased to announce its support for All Hands and Hearts’ Bahamas Hurricane Dorian long-term recovery program. Fundraising across the global Affiliate network totaled nearly US$80,000. HG Christie Ltd. sponsored a page in Christie’s International Real Estate’s Children’s Activity Book, which raised a total of US$29,000 from Affiliate sponsors.

The presentation of the monies raised from the Children’s Book was conducted virtually last week, with representatives of Christie’s International Real Estate, All Hands and Hearts, and HG Christie, the network’s exclusive Affiliate in the Bahamas, present.

Listen to John Christie, president of HG Christie, address the impact of Hurricane Dorian on the islands.

Dan Conn, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate, said at the ceremony: “We started working with All Hands and Hearts after Hurricane Maria devasted Puerto Rico three years ago. Our goal was to find a partner to help provide assistance during the immediate aftermath of the crisis, and just as importantly, to help with the longer-term rebuilding process.  

“At the heart of what we do is our connection to our communities and our homes, and we saw a need to help rebuild the community and homes of those most directly impacted by this natural disaster. All Hands and Hearts’ commitment to the rebuilding process made for a perfect fit.   

“Our fundraising efforts continued with an initiative to rebuild in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian last year, which set the wrong type of records for the devastating force it unleashed on the Caribbean. Our success in raising these funds was again thanks to a global effort, with contributions coming from the near and far reaches of our global network of real estate brokers.   

“In addition to providing the funding to help rebuild the Bahamas, John Christie, who owns and operates HG Christie Ltd., the oldest real estate brokerage business in the Bahamas, provided tremendous on the ground support, connecting All Hands and Hearts with local government and community leaders to help facilitate their rebuilding efforts at the local level. The smooth integration of All hands and Hearts into the local community would not have been possible without his efforts.   

“Finally, to our Children’s Book sponsors and other donors who contributed so meaningfully to this rebuilding effort in both Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, we extend to them our deepest thanks. The success of our rebuilding initiative would not have been possible without their generous contributions.” 

The Children’s Book caters to clients with children who are visiting Christie’s auction house sales and events. Aimed at children four years old and up, the book includes word games, puzzles and pages for coloring. Global Affiliates also use the books to entertain children of clients in their local markets. Thirteen properties from around the world were showcased alongside an activity in double-page spreads. HG Christie showcased Minor Cay in Lyford Cay, New Providence, Bahamas.

As part of the introduction to the book, Christie’s International Real Estate is further supporting the charity’s fundraising for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, which continues to accept donations amid the pandemic to purchase Personal Protection Equipment for volunteers returning to newly reopened work sites.

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane on the islands of Great Abaco and Grand Bahama with wind speeds in excess of 185 miles per hour and storm surges of 18 to 23 feet above normal tide levels. Dorian is the strongest hurricane on record for the Bahamas and tied the record for the strongest Atlantic hurricane to make landfall.

Mr. Christie said: “Two days after the storm, I received a call from Dan Conn asking how our network could help. He put me in touch with All Hands and Hearts. Representatives were here almost immediately. I put them in touch with our Minister of Education because getting kids back in school is one of their primary objectives. Not more than two months later, volunteers were living in a school building without power or water and beginning the clean-up and rebuilding work. As Dan said, it was meaningful for my real estate company to support an organization helping the island to rebuild homes and schools. There is so much work still to be done.” 

All Hearts and Hands has committed to working in the Bahamas for at least two years, and while temporarily suspended due to Covid-19, the promise will be honored, and rebuilding efforts safely resumed mid-September. The focus is on the hardest-hit areas. Besides schools, reconstruction priorities are other critical community facilities, including health clinics and libraries. The organization also has more than 120 homes needing relief with roof repair, mucking and gutting, and mold sanitation. Many homes are still without electricity.

Bruce Linton, chief development officer for All Hands and Hearts, said: “We arrive early and stay late in order for communities ravaged by natural disaster to get back on their feet. Thanks to the support of Christie’s International Real Estate and John Christie, we will stay as long as we can. We know how these disasters hit the impoverished hardest. We honor all the money given to us and spend 96 cents of every dollar on building materials and food for our volunteers.”

All Hands and Hearts raised a total of US$7,937,242, one of the organization’s most successful campaigns ever, for the effort in the Bahamas. Norwegian Cruise Line, which, like Christie’s International Real Estate, participated in the Puerto Rico effort, provided a US$2,000,000 matching grant. The remaining funds were from individuals, foundations and corporations worldwide.

Rick Moeser, executive director of Christie’s International Real Estate who oversees business in the Caribbean, said: “Because of Covid, I haven’t been able to travel to the Bahamas and volunteer some time the way I did in Puerto Rico. I look forward to doing so in the Bahamas soon. With so many natural disasters creating chaos throughout the world, it is rewarding to play a role in being part of the solution for one impacted area.”

About HG Christie Ltd.
 â€¨HG Christie Ltd is a full service real estate company in the Bahamas offering sales, rentals, and appraisals. Founded in 1922 by the legendary Sir Harold George Christie, HG Christie Ltd is the Exclusive Affiliate of the prestigious Christie’s International Real Estate Network. The company is known as being a trusted authority in The Bahamas Real Estate market and has an incomparable selection of property listings from across the Bahama islands. While HG Christie specializes in high-end offerings such as private islands, luxury estates, second homes, vacation villas, large parcels of development land; they also provide services for affordable homes, condos, commercial properties, and vacant land. With offices strategically located throughout the Bahamas inclusive of downtown Nassau and Old Fort Bay Town Center, New Providence; Freeport, Grand Bahama; Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera; George Town, Exuma; Hope Town, Abaco the HG Christie team of professional estate agents are knowledgeable, well established in their market and ready to support the needs of discerning clientele.

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About All Hands and Hearts
All Hands and Hearts is a volunteer-powered nonprofit that effectively and efficiently addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters around the globe. By listening to local people, and deploying our direct-impact model, we are able to rebuild safe, resilient schools, homes and other community infrastructure.

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