Congratulations to Bahamian Equestrian Competitor Anna Camile Vlasov on her Gold Medal Performance at the Jumping du Golfe de St. Tropez HUBSIDE, St. Tropez, Grimaud, France

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September 18, 2020

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is pleased to congratulate Ms. Anna Vlasov, daughter of Peter and Pippa Vlasov, a 21 year old Bahamian equestrian competitior based in France for her tremendous performance at the Jumping du Golfe de St. Tropez HUBSIDE event in St. Tropez, Grimaud, France, where she competed under The Bahamas‘ flag against competitiors from France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Chile, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom in one of the most prestigious equestrian riding events in Europe.

Since gaining official membership in November 2019 to the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, this performance is Equestrian Bahamas‘ first victory at a major international event.

Competing on three separate days, Ms. Vlasov and her horse, Beaumont W/V, a white stallion, competed in the Show Jumping Category at three different heights. The rider/horse team were victorius at their first height of 1.20 meters; returned on the second day to compete at the 1.25 meter height and on the third day again returned to sweep the competition with her third gold medal in a final height of 1.30 meters to seal her landmark performance. An accomplishment of this magnitude in such a short period demonstrates Ms. Vlasov’s sheer talent and commitment to excellence in her sporting discipline.

Based in France, Vlasov is no stranger to horse riding and has only been competing profesionally for four years. Her performance has served notice to the world that she and her Bahamian equestrian family are here to stay.

Representing The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Vlasov’s outstanding performance and internationally acclaimed achievement joins the ranks of Bahamian sporting trailblazers who have and continue to cement our small island nation on the world map as a country that produces world class athletes. Vlasov has made her mark as a fierce Equestrian competitor, and for her hardwork and accomplishment we celebrate Vlasov, daughter of the Bahamian soil.

On behalf of the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture and by extension the Government of The Bahamas, we extend congratulations to Anna Millie Vlasov and Equestrian Bahamas for a victorious performance during the Jumping du Golfe de St. Tropez HUBSIDE, 11-14th September, 2020

News date : 09/18/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Press Releases, Sports

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