CFAL Donates Laptops to Students to Promote Social Media Financial Literacy Reading Series

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September 16, 2020

Colina Financial Advisors Ltd. (CFAL) has donated laptops to four students as a part of its popular “CFAL Summer Reading” social media series. Through this charitable educational initiative, which was launched through the CFAL Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, executives and managers of the company recommended personal finance, investing, and personal development books to Bahamians to encourage them to boost their financial literacy and invest in themselves. For every like or share of the posts in the series, CFAL donated $1 toward the purchase of a laptop for a student in need.

Pamela Ferguson, VP of Investments, explained how the series came to be. “At CFAL, we believe that one of the best ways that you can help others is to teach them how to help themselves. Our educational initiatives are an example of how we put this idea into action. Creating the CFAL Summer Reading Series was an easy way to extend the educational outreach that we’ve been performing throughout our community for the last twenty-three years through the CFAL Junior Investor Education Program, our biannual Pension Seminars, and our Financial Planning Clinics into the online space.”

She continued, “The positive response from our community was very heartwarming. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our global and local communities in many ways, but it has been especially difficult on most people financially. We created the CFAL Summer Reading series to encourage Bahamians to use some of their free time during the lockdowns to educate themselves about their financial management options. By tying this series to our back-to-school laptop donations, we were able to significantly increase the reach of those posts and to help many people in the process.”

Sophia Thurston, VP of Pension Administration and Operations, added, “We hope that those who liked, shared, and viewed the posts have also picked up some of those books or added them to their digital libraries. The books that we’ve recommended have personally helped me, other team members and many of our clients.”

The laptops that were purchased because of the support of the posts were donated to students of Claridge Primary and to Ivan D. Neymour, a young Bahamian studying Computer Science and Cybersecurity at Saint Leo University.

Colina Financial Advisors Ltd. (CFAL) is a leading provider of investment management, pension administration, retirement planning, corporate advisory, saving, and wealth management solutions. Established in The Bahamas in 1997, CFAL has helped individuals and institutional investors secure their financial futures through innovation, expertise, and integrity. Learn more about our client-centric approach at

As a part of its CFAL Summer Reading Series social media initiative, which promoted financial literacy during the recent national lockdown periods, CFAL recently donated laptops to four students including three children from Claridge Primary. Pictured standing from left to right are: Pamela Ferguson, VP of Investments, CFAL; Ms. Esther Cartwright, Principal, Claridge Primary School; and Tiffany Smith, Investment Manager, CFAL. Seated are the recipients of the new laptops - La' Tayo Been, Khadyn Roker, and Shania Curtis.

Ivan Neymour, a Computer Science and Cybersecurity major at Saint Leo University (center), received a laptop computer from CFAL, presented by Mrs. Pamela Ferguson, VP of Investments (left) and Mrs. Sophia Thurston, Vice President of Pension Administration and Operations. The donation was tied to the “CFAL Summer Reading Series” social media initiative promoting financial literacy.

News date : 09/16/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Business, Community/Charity, Press Releases

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