Highlights From The Prime Ministers National Address

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August 03, 2020


-Two-week national lockdown implemented effective Tuesday 4 August 10pm; nearing end of 14 day-period health data will be assessed to determine whether an extension is necessary.

-Grand Bahama will be reassessed near the end of its current lockdown scheduled to end on Friday 7 August at 5am to determine if extension is necessary.

-31 new confirmed cases reported today – 22 on Grand Bahama and 9 on New Providence.

-ICU beds at capacity and non-critical care beds are approaching capacity.
-Increase in number of cases is expected before the current surge is brought under control

-Food stores, water depots, pharmacies (curbside only) and gas stations (external services only) will be allowed to operate during the lockdown, Monday Wednesday and Friday 7am – 5pm for the general public; and on Saturday 7am to 1pm for essential workers only.

-National Food Task Force and NGOs allowed to distribute food during lockdown

-Households should designate one person to carry out shopping for essential items

-Commercial banks allowed to operate Monday Wednesday and Friday 9am to 1pm.

-International banks, trust companies and financial institutions may have a skeleton team in office Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

-Construction permitted Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm, and Saturday 7am to 1pm.

-Hardware stores permitted to provide curbside service only, Monday Wednesday and Friday 7am to 5pm.

-Private medical facilities permitted to provide emergency medical care and immunization Monday Wednesday and Friday; routine services suspended.

-Essential commercial ports permitted to carry out services.

-All businesses and offices (except those cited above) required to suspend operations, and to have their staff work remotely, where possible.

-Livestreaming from a religious facility allowed with not more than 10 people at the facility, to accommodate virtual services.

-Funeral services allowed at graveside only with no more than 5 attendees, not including officiant and mortuary staff.

-Exercise permitted in immediate neighborhood from 6am to 9pm.

-Takeaway dining prohibited; curbside retail services (other than hardware stores) also prohibited.

-COVID-19 Enforcement Unit responsible for Hubbcat monitoring platform and patrolling public spaces, beaches and parks.

-Overflight of northern Bahamas (Andros, Bimini, Berry Islands) on Sunday 2 August with the Minister of Works, NEMA Director and Leader of the Opposition to assess impact of Hurricane Isaias. Bad weather prevented overflight of Grand Bahama.

-NEMA and Ministry of Works to provide on-the-ground assessments.

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