Sandyport Beach Resort Now Open

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July 08, 2020

Sandyport Beach Resort is now open and relaxation and recreation-ready with a choice of beautiful, well-appointed hotel rooms and 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites all individually air-conditioned and moments from adult and kid-friendly pool areas and the Lagoon Beach.

Unique features include kitchen facilities in the suites along with open-plan living and dining room and a Jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom. And with their Clean and Pristine plan in place and certified by the Ministry of Health, it is perfect for a romantic or family staycation this holiday weekend in Nassau.

Sandyport Beach Resort is Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked Nassau resort and winner of “Loved by Guests” award. Bahamians and residents can enjoy a special resident rate starting at $135 a night (plus the standard hospitality tax and surcharges). And fun is not limited to the resort alone. The Blue Sail Restaurant and Bar located on the resort’s ocean beach is a perfect hangout spot.

Guests are also steps away from the picturesque Olde Town and nearby local favorites such as Twisted Lime, Spritz, The News Café, and Bon Vivants Café and Cocktails – all within a short walk.

The resort is also offering international guests a ‘WOW 40!’ special with 40% off their bookings up to December 15th, 2020, with cancellation flexibility and full refund options. Assistant General Manager Cheralda Arnett highlighted that despite the social distancing, Sandyport Beach Resort’s record of hospitable charm remains at the forefront.

“Warm hugs and welcoming handshakes are temporarily replaced with the universal sign language for a hug. It looks like we are giving ourselves a hug but know that this one is for you.”

She continued: “We put a lot of thought into our safety measures for the reopening. We were sure not to take away from the ‘Sandyport Beach Resort’ experience. Instead, we maximized on our well established Family Island-feel of the resort. Our sun, sand, sea, and amazing hospitality are all here as we look forward to welcoming everyone as they are ready.”

The Sandyport Beach Resort is naturally social-distancing savvy. General Manager Vernon Moss explains that because the property is built not unlike those in the Family Islands, everything is already well spaced out.

“Our resort is designed for peace of mind. It is low density with 72 rooms and suites housed in six villas along the canals at Sandyport. So we don’t have need for elevators or interior corridors and every room or suite has its own external entrance.

We offer the convenience of mobile check-in, so you can minimize the time and interaction of conventional check-in processes and simply pick up your key. Guests can also mobile check-out, with no need to stop at the front desk.

“We are very excited about our reopening and are welcoming our guests back in the best and safest manner possible.

We are very lucky in The Bahamas to be handling the global pandemic exceptionally well. The Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health are working in conjunction with all of the tourism operators on the island to develop clean and pristine health and safety plans to minimize health risks for travelers and residents.

Tourists must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test to travel and to enter The Bahamas which means that all tourists are novel coronavirus free.”

The Sandyport Beach Resort’s approved Clean and Pristine Health and Safety Plan meets, and exceeds, the guidelines and recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and Ministry of Health. Beyond this, the resort is paying extra attention to all aspects of cleanliness.

From handwashing hygiene to Environmental Protection Agency-recommended cleaning product specifications, guests can be assured that their rooms, suites, and common areas are kept at the highest standard of clean.

For more information and booking details, visit Sandyport Beach Resort’s website at or by calling 242-327-4279. We are also on WhatsApp on 447-0309 and email Further details about our Health and Safety can be found on Sandyport Beach Resort is also on the following social media platforms:





Sisters Moesha and K’Jah enjoy countless trips down the waterslides in one of Sandyport Beach Resort’s swimming pools. Sand-beach pools and lagoon beaches with socially-distant lounge chairs are nearby.

L-R: Willamae Armbrister, Housekeeping Department; Rosemond Rosilus, Maintenance Department; LeeAnne Clarke, Front Desk Agent; Vernon Moss, General Manager. Sandyport Beach Resort’s employees have temporarily replaced their welcoming hugs with the universal sign language for a hug. Fun Fact: Pineapples shown on some of the employee masks, printed locally by Bahamas Handprints, are a symbol of hospitality and welcome. 

Sandyport Beach Resort sets the mood for romantic getaways. After a day of outdoor activities, guests can relax and unwind in the masterbedroom’s Jacuzzi tub.

Sandyport Beach Resort guests can opt for an ensuite kitchen- perfectly outfitted with useful utensils and appliances.

Sandyport Beach Resort one, two and three-bedroom suites offer spacious dining and living room spaces for maximum comfort and enjoyment. 

Prepare breakfast, snacks and meals in your own kitchen and enjoy dining al fresco on your Lagoon Beach suite patio. Experiences at Sandyport Beach Resort are more than fabulous with their one of a kind, scenic views, and on-site relax-a-vous amenities. 

Front desk agent LeeAnne Clarke by one of Sandyport Beach Resort’s hand sanitizers. Their approved Clean and Pristine Health and Safety Plan meets, and exceeds, the guidelines and recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and Ministry of Health. Photos credit:

Natural wonders are in abundance at Sandyport Beach Resort. From lush tropical gardens to stretches of picturesque beaches, guests can have peace of mind at this naturally social-distancing savvy Family Island-like resort.

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