RBPF Fire Services thanks NPEP, commits to working together as community partners

Thu, Jul 2nd 2020, 03:43 PM

Director of Fire Services Superintendent Kenrick Morris and Inspector Demeris Armbrister toured the New Providence Ecology Park (NPEP) this Wednesday, a courtesy visit following the Park's assistance containing and extinguishing a blaze that occurred in the Sir Milo Butler Highway area on Sunday.

During the visit, Superintendent Morris expressed his gratitude for NPEP's quick and efficient help quenching the blaze that threatened the immediate neighborhoods. "I would like to thank the team at the New Providence Ecology Park for the assistance they rendered; we could not have done it without them."

On Sunday at 11 a.m., the NPEP team identified an offsite fire on the eastern side of Sir Milo Butler Highway and promptly notified the Royal Bahamas Police Force Fire Services branch. Upon Fire Services' request, NPEP immediately activated its fire response protocol, utilizing drones to pinpoint the fire and heavy equipment to contain and extinguish the blaze. Within a few hours, NPEP's fire response team, working hand-in-hand with the fire department, had successfully contained and controlled the fire.

"I want to commend our employees; I think they did a wonderful job assisting the fire department," stated Henry Dean, NPEP Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Operations Committee." This speaks to our readiness, at any hour of the day, any day to stop fire damage not only at our site but also within the neighboring community when needed."

NPEP has a range of fire fighting machinery in its arsenal, including a rapid response fire truck, multiple water pumps, propeller pumps, and drones to quickly and efficiently identify a fire's location and scope. This equipment, coupled with a highly trained team and frequent, systematic fire drills, enables NPEP to respond quickly to fire threats, contain and extinguish them.

NPEP team welcomes Fire Services Department

Community partners - New Providence Ecology Park (NPEP) team welcomes Superintendent Kendrick Morris, Director of Fire Services and Inspector Demeris Armbrister, Officer in Charge, Fire Department Daily Operations for a site tour on Wednesday, June 30, 2020.

Prepared and ready to assist – NPEP Engineer Dr. Bently Higgs shows Inspector Demeris Armbrister, Officer in Charge, Fire Department Daily Operations, the heavy equipment available to battle, and extinguish fires.

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