Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd

Wed, Jun 10th 2020, 02:34 PM

Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd. is pleased to engage Mr. Wayne Munroe QC and his expert legal team to take the Government of the Bahamas to court. We seek justice and the assistance of the Courts to have the Crown Land Lease and other agreements made with the Government of the Bahamas honored.

Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club can confirm that the Writ has been served upon the Attorney General, commencing legal proceedings against the Government of the Bahamas

We are in our ninth year of trying to bring this project to fruition; we have begged, patiently waited and we are now beyond waiting any longer. The government ignores us. This is how Bahamians are treated as last class citizens in our own country.

“What message does the Attorney General send to Bahamian and global investors when the Office of the Prime Minister offers Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club a Crown Land Lease Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Bahamas Investment Authority approval and we accepted all of the terms in its entirety for Carl Bethel to then claim what amounts to not being worth the paper it’s written on?”

“We have the country’s commercial reputation at the hands of one person? The message he sends to the local and international community is that Crown Land Lease Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, Bahamas Investment Authority approvals are given yet not honored? That’s a very frightening stance to take and does not represent the people of the Bahamas. We believe that agreements should be respected and honoured and the government of the Bahamas should be internationally recognized as trust worthy, without compromise. It’s a real shame that entrepreneuring Bahamians must go to the extent of taking government to court for opportunities to succeed.

The economy of the Bahamas continues to decline and we want to do our part as Bahamians to help other Bahamians have meaningful employment and be able to make an honest living to support our families.

Bahamian proprietor Toby Smith adds “I have been begging the Government of the Bahamas. The Prime Minister ignores my requests to meet to resolve this matter.

Here it is that we are trying to help Bahamians have honest employment both directly and indirectly, support local entrepreneurs and free enterprise and once again the Government of the Bahamas want to give Crown Land away to foreign interests from underneath a Bahamian. This is fundamentally wrong and we have confidence in the power of the courts to order the agreements be honored.

Photo credit: Bianca Smith

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