Purrfect Pets Team Pops for Lupus 242

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May 29, 2020

Every Friday in May, staff at Purrfect Pets Veterinary Clinic put on purple for Lupus Awareness Month.

This year, the team took its support further by making a financial donation to Lupus 242. Veterinarian and owner, Dr. Bridgette Johnson said the gift is to assist members who may face challenges as a result of the global pandemic. “2020 has been particularly difficult since we are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lupus warriors in our country are considered a high-risk group and I know that during this pandemic things have been especially difficult for them.

I am sure a lot of them cannot continue to work at this time or may need additional support in getting the essential items that they need for day-to-day living,” Dr. Johnson said.

“I want to commend the Lupus 242 team for the hard work and dedication they put in year in and year out and especially this year with things being so different and having to adapt to the new normal.

Over the next several years, I hope to continue to be a source of support for this wonderful organization. Continue to do what you do and be blessed.” Throughout the month, Lupus 242 hosted a series of virtual events.

On Saturday, the group with hold its final Health Talk session with Dr. Noelle Rolle, Rheumatologist who will present on 12 Tips for Lupus Wellness and Self-Care.

To participate in Lupus242 virtual awareness events or to support the cause, follow them at Facebook.com/Lupus242 or Instagram @lupus242, visit www.lupus242.org or call 242-525 9967.

l to r: Kelly Evans, Veterinary Receptionist/ Surgical Assistant, Delgado Culmer, Veterinary Assistant and Dr. Bridgette Johnson, Owner of Purrfect Pets Veterinary Clinic.



News date : 05/29/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Animals/Pets, Press Releases

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