Dorian survivor in the midst of another menacing storm

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April 24, 2020

Only months after surviving Hurricane Dorian, Stacy Miller, 41, has found herself in the midst of yet another storm — the economic fallout of COVID-19.

Miller, who spent her entire life on Grand Cay, said she and her two sons — Dejon, 18, and Joshua, 12 — had been living in a shelter on New Providence in the weeks after Dorian until she found work as a housekeeper.

As she broke down crying, she said she spent Dejon’s birthday in bed yesterday, because she couldn’t even face him.

“He just turned 18 today…” she said between sobs.

“But I knew I was going to break down. So, I just stayed in my room by myself.”

Miller said she had to stay on New Providence so that her sons could go to school.

Within a few weeks of working, she was able to move into an apartment and furnish it with the help of the Ministry of Social Services, which she said provided her with her first and last months’ rent and security deposit.

“There weren’t any schools open in Freeport,” she said.

“…My sons and them, we’re used to working. We had our own house. Living at the shelter, I couldn’t do it. I had to find a job. So, I started cleaning houses and saved up a couple of dollars.”

Miller said she had only just started to feel like she was getting back on her feet when COVID-19 hit and left her jobless.

“I don’t depend on nobody for nothing,” she said tearfully.

“I came here and got my job, got my car, got my apartment. I have my boys. I don’t even want to talk because I don’t want my boys to see me crying. But now I don’t even have a job. I had five houses, five. I worked every day, even Saturday. Now because of the coronavirus, I can’t even go to work.”

Miller added, “Now these landlords, they want their money.

“I couldn’t even pay my rent last month. I gave the landlord $200 hoping I would have worked soon to finish paying it off. These people want their money. I’m a stranger in Nassau. I don’t know nobody who I could call and ask to lend me $20 until I can work or something.

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News date : 04/24/2020    Category : Covid-19, About Bahamians, Nassau Guardian Stories

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